Max Schlusselberg


Max Schlusselberg

At 6'2", Officer Matt Wentzel of the Madison Police Department spends most of his days folded up inside a Ford Crown Victoria, patrolling Madison's south side with an aching back. But he seems rejuvenated when I meet him last Friday, stretching his legs under the steering wheel of a Dodge Charger, the newest addition to MPD's fleet of squad cars. more



NatUp 2010

According to guidelines set by the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association, universities should have one square foot of space dedicated solely to fitness and recreation for every student. With only about 22,000 square feet of fitness space, and over 42,000 students plus an additional 16,000 faculty and staff, UW-Madison's fitness amenities are well below national standards. more

A & E

Whether you think Valentine's Day is nothing more than a silly Hallmark holiday or you believe it's the sweetest day of the year, there's no reason you should be spending this weekend at home by yourself. What's that you say? You have no money? No significant other? No problem! more



Max Schlusselberg

The tension is thick in the USquare food court on University Avenue Saturday afternoon. Thick enough to cut with plastic cutlery. Five professional eaters stand waiting for the signal from Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman so they can begin slogging down fried rice, orange chicken, pizza and other food court delicacies as quickly as they can. more