Todd Hubler

Chris Lay reports on two fascinating podcasts exploring the cult of personality, one that exposes yoga guru Bikram Choudhury and another profiling social self-help sensation/charlatan Teal Swan. more

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David Michael Miller

Seeking to preserve worker protections in an increasingly volatile digital media industry, workers at The Onion on Thursday announced plans to unionize under the Writers Guild of America, East. more

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Tristan McGough

The small but mighty “Rosebud” is still publishing after 25 years. Its latest edition includes poems from the science fiction titan Ursula K. Le Guin. more

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On Dec. 7, 2016, Isthmus submitted a records request to Madison police. After 421 days without getting records, Isthmus is teaming up with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty to sue the department. more


In a new era of radio, WSUM’s future is coming in loud and clear. The UW-Madison students station plans to add a second online music stream. more

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In the latest round of layoffs at the Wisconsin State Journal, the newspaper parted ways with two veteran journalists: photo editor Steve Apps and assistant city editor and Beer Baron columnist Chris Drosner. more

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Mike Heller has earned respect from big names in the business. The Madison sports radio host keeps his cool while finding a national audience. more


Madison icon Sly Sylvester has lost his progressive talk radio show on WEKZ-FM, and will now become a DJ. It’s another blow for progressive radio in Madison, after a format change last week on 92.1 The Mic. more

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Madison’s liberals not only lost at the polls this week — they also lost the progressive talk station, 92.1 FM The Mic. The station is currently broadcasting Christmas music. more

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David Michael Miller

President Barack Obama has disappointed many by running a tightly controlled administration that is often closed to the press. Journalists expect the same or worse from Hillary Clinton, who is on track to win the presidency. more

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Devil’s Advocate Radio co-hosts Mike Crute and Dom Salvia announced Tuesday that their contract with The Mic 92.1 will be canceled in about a week. more

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Chris Collins

From humble beginnings as a quarterly newsletter to a biweekly publication with more than 30,000 readers, La Comunidad News has grown and expanded with the Madison area’s Latino population. more


It’s no secret that people of color are underrepresented in journalism — it’s a problem in Madison and in newsrooms across the country. This summer, a new academy from Madison365 hopes to inspire young minority reporters to take up the trade. more



Norman Stockwell

​John Ross, a legendary rebel journalist who worked in Mexico, and Norman Stockwell, a legendary Madison radio presence, shared a bond over independent media. This month, Stockwell will help spread Ross’ message with a new book. more

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David Michael Miller

Gannett’s purchase of the Milwaukee paper will almost certainly result in staff cuts. That will mean less scrutiny of government statewide. more

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Dylan Brogan

In an era when local news outlets are contracting, the volunteer-run WORT-FM expands its local coverage. On Oct. 5, In Our Backyard grows to an hour, with new features, expanded reports, podcasts. more



David Michael Miller

​Let’s face it. In many markets the size of Madison, the daily newspaper no longer works as a private business venture. more


When Republicans control all three branches of state government, there are no real checks and balances. more


Four veteran staffers depart and the remaining photographer goes part-time. more



Mike DeVries

Last week, the Wisconsin State Journal trimmed its editorial staff by laying off veteran journalists. The cuts are part of a national trend that spell more bad news for journalism. more

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