Police work can be both boring and terrifying, two aspects that create chronic stress. In a planned study, the Wisconsin Center for Healthy Minds will look at whether yoga, meditation and other mindfulness practices can help officers. Read more

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More than a fad, adult coloring books are an aid to meditation, relaxation and creativity. Read more


The successful meditation spaces in the homes I visited were as unpretentious as they were distinguished by personal touches, some governed by the traditions or disciplines of the practice, and others purely by aesthetic preference. There are, howeve Read more

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How "real people" dedicated to daily practice are creating the spaces they use to meditate. Read more

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Jenny Phillips didn't set out to become a documentary filmmaker. Phillips, who lives in Concord, Mass., was trained as a psychotherapist and cultural anthropologist. She has three graduate degrees under her belt. Read more

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Madison's Buddhist community is small but vibrant, says our reporter, a former Presbyterian looking for inner peace. Read more

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Local author Geoff Gilpin has been meditating twice a day without missing a sitting for 33 years. Read more