Megan Larson


The Fairy Garden

Halloween may have come and gone but that doesn't mean the little ones have to stop playing dress up. Playing princess has never been easier or more adorable than with a tutu from The Fairy Garden. With only a little tulle and a little sparkle, shop owner Heidi Duss has created an invitation to the magical world of make-believe for your child. Read more



A Handmade Portland

I have a fairly large jewelry collection; consequently if I am going to expand my collection the piece needs to be unusual. Ordinary just won't do. Classic hoops are not going to excite me, neither are plain gold studs. Luckily, Etsy is ripe with unique shops and A Handmade Portland is no exception. Read more



Kristy Sly Glass

I adored the Murano glass wine stopper my husband and I picked up in Venice, and have kicked myself since for giving it away as a gift. Stumbling on the wine stoppers at Kristy Sly Glass was like returning to the winding Venetian alleys. Read more




Vintage pieces add a certain je ne sais quoi quality to an outfit, a character that is hard to replicate but easy to love. One may spend hours combing antique stores and flea markets for the perfect original piece, the time you spend adding more history and memories for what will soon become a treasure. Read more


In a troubled economy, it is handy to have your eye out for a good deal. As any recessionista would say, looking fabulous for less isn't hard as long as you know where to look. And lucky for you, I've got my finger on the Etsy pulse. Read more


Bold jewelry choices do not necessarily mean wearing a very complex and intricate piece. Sometimes simple lines can make the biggest statement. The jewelry of HRS Designs reflects this sentiment with pieces that convey a modern simplicity, allowing the stone or bead to do much of the talking. Read more



Annabel's Aprons

I am not a chef; in fact I can't even say I cook. I have been known to reheat food from time to time and I make a mean cheese and crackers. That being said, I may enroll in a cooking class just to rationalize wearing one of the fabulous creations by Annabel's Aprons. Read more



Red Otter

To do lists are a daily part of my life. I have them scrambled on tiny post-its and scraps of paper, littering the dark corners of my tote bag. Sometimes I splurge and buy cute little notepads for my lists, although those tend to get used quickly as I almost invent lists just to use them. The notebooks at Red Otter would be no exception for me. Read more


I don't own a dog, but the collars at Sugar Plum Collars jumped out at me. Sewn with fabric that is bright and colorful, each one is adorable. The patterns are fun and certainly not ones that you have ever seen used for a dog collar before. A Sugar Plum collar would definitely make your pup unique on the block. Read more



Sugar Plum Collars

I don't own a dog but the collars at Sugar Plum Collars jumped out at me no less because of it. Sewn with fabric that is bright and colorful, each one is adorable. The patterns are fun and certainly not ones that you have ever seen used for a dog collar before. A Sugar Plum collar would definitely make your pup the most unique on the block. Read more



JSN Style

Fresh and fun, fabrics can add an extra special touch to any project. Recognizing the importance of good fabric, Aime Meyers utilizes the charm of Amy Butler's fabrics in her eye pillows. Relaxing in style is easy with Meyers' lavender filled sachets, sold in her Etsy shop JSN Style. Read more


When I discovered Catherine Boldt's Etsy shop, TieBeau, I have to admit I was a bit envious that I had not thought of her idea myself. Boldt repurposes cast aside vintage ties into very fun and brightly colored headbands. She has taken ties past their fashion prime and reinvented them as hip hair accessories. Favoring the '50s and '60s, Boldt's headbands uniquely tell the story of a bygone era Read more



Aunty K's Crocheted Guyz

Recently I was shopping for a children's gift and found it hard not to be overwhelmed by the vast number of branded toys reaching out to grab my attention. I am not a Barney fan and frankly, I've never seen "Dora the Explorer". Read more



Erin Bowe Artisan Jewelry

I took a metalsmithing jewelry class in high school. My 16-year-old self had this fantasy of discovering an inner bohemian with a raw talent for creating gorgeous pieces of jewelry that everyone would just die to wear. But like many teenage expectations, mine failed to live up to the dream I had created in my mind. Read more


When I was young, a visit to my grandparents' house often-meant time spent visiting in the kitchen. Whether it was helping my grandmother prep for dinner or making malts with my grandfather, it's a time I associate with youth and family and one particular pattern. Read more


Mustaches are hot. Now these are three words I never imagined myself saying, but it is no less true. If you haven't noticed the mustache trend, keep your eye out and I guarantee you will suddenly see them everywhere. Not on upper lips mind you, but rather in a quirky new design aesthetic growing in the Internet art and craft market. Read more


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? It's a difficult question to answer when perusing the pocket mirrors of Madison Craft. Each mirror is unique with bright, graphic images to make even the reapplication of lipstick a fun endeavor. Each one makes me smile, making me want not just one, but several. Read more


Valentine's Day is approaching quickly and last minute shopping can be a major pain. It is hard to make a gift look thoughtful when it screams, "I'm from the Walgreens that just happened to be on the way to your house." Read more



Art Kitten

Sweet and thoughtful are sentiments that I hope I convey in my Valentine's gifts and in turn, hope to receive in mine. It doesn't need to cost a lot in order for me to love a present. For me, it really is the thought that counts. Read more



Artsy Fartsy

Expressing your feelings on a Valentine can cause some anxiety. The decision to go cheeky or sappy can prove difficult especially in the early stages of a relationship. Now I won't presume to tell you which type of Valentine is best, this isn't a relationship column after all. But I can let you in on an Etsy shop that carries both. Read more