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David Michael Miller

Evidence shows that 18 is too young of an age to make an accurate risk assessment, says Amy Hagopian of the University of Washington School of Public Health. “The tobacco industry knows this. So do military recruiters.” Read more



Beth Skogen

Is it still taboo to talk about mental illness? A performing arts showcase organized by students from the UW-Madison School of Social Work aims to shatter stereotypes. Read more

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The closest psychiatric hospital is Winnebago Mental Health Institute, at least a two-hour drive from Madison. That drive time adds to the lengthy process of putting someone in protective custody. Read more



Mary Langenfeld

People with mental illness are often isolated. Cornucopia, a peer-run art and wellness nonprofit, brings them together. Read more


East side residents banded together on Facebook during a police standoff on South Marquette. Neighbors were watching as Madison Police deployed two armored vehicles, two robots and dozens of SWAT officers in full gear. Read more

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The words “President Trump” evoke fear and loathing in the hearts of many Madisonians. While anxiety and depression are flaring up, some are finding ways to cope. Read more

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James Heimer

A first-of-its kind media campaign is being launched in Dane County to prevent domestic violence. It shifts the focus from victims of abuse to those who abuse and need treatment. Read more

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Sergio Membrillas

Scientists have long believed that the mind was hardwired and when injured, people lost whatever functions that part of the brain controlled. But UW scientists have been challenging that notion, proving that brains can adapt and relearn. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

Police work can be both boring and terrifying, two aspects that create chronic stress. In a planned study, the Wisconsin Center for Healthy Minds will look at whether yoga, meditation and other mindfulness practices can help officers. Read more

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Steven Potter

Heroin mixed with fentanyl--a potent synthetic narcotic--is becoming “the new normal” around the country, officials believe. Locally, that’s coincided with a spike in overdoses. And authorities fear the worst is yet to come. Read more

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The use and misuse of beer in our state. There’s a difference between appreciation and indulgence. Read more

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Jeff Miller/UW-Madison

​Some autistic children struggle with balance skills. A UW team has developed a Wii computer game that it hopes might give them a leg up. Read more


​Minorities and LGBT individuals are at a high risk for emotional trauma, but too often mental health care professionals ignore culture and identity in treating these patients. Read more


Contrary to the narrative of the National Rifle Association, a murder-suicide in Montfort, Wisconsin, represents the typical use of a gun in a death. Read more

Citizen Dave

It wasn't the first time he stormed from the house shouting his demands into the dark. This last time was the worst, though. Read more

Andy Moore

When Kenneth Payne saw a man doubled over at the day shelter, he knew right away he was a veteran. "One of the things we're taught to do, when we're stressed out real bad, is get in the squat position, tuck your head in and breathe," says Payne. Read more



AT EASE for Disabled Veterans

"We know plenty of veterans, Vietnam vets were all around during college," says Liz. She says they were often struggling with "demons," but couldn't talk about it. Volunteering with animals, she says, "is a great way to help deal with PTSD." Read more


You could be forgiven if acupuncture is not the first thing that pops to mind for the treatment of trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other emotional disorders. After all, the Madison Veteran's Project, a free weekly acupuncture clini Read more



University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health

Centered on the mind and nervous system, neuroscience is exploding, and there's practically no topic it won't take on, be it Shakespeare, meditation or consciousness itself. Or psychopathy. Read more


Together with his guitar teacher, Patrick Nettesheim, Dan Van Buskirk founded a nonprofit organization called Guitars for Vets, which aims to bring music instruction to veterans with psychological disorders like PTSD and schizophrenia. Read more