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Will e-bikes and electric scooters get more people out of their cars, reduce climate-changing pollution and make us all healthier? Or will they wreak chaos on city streets and overrun quiet recreational areas? Either way, change is coming. Read more

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Bill Lunney is retiring after more than 50 years of environmental and government advocacy. His legacy will last for generations. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Under the proposed legislation, electric bikes would be afforded the same responsibilities and privileges as other bikes — meaning they would be allowed on paved bike paths, gravel state trails or off-road single track. Read more

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Wis. Dept of Natural Resources

A Dane County judge in 2016 blocked the DNR from moving forward with plans for a snowmobile route that would have displaced one of the most popular cross country ski trails at Blue Mound State Park. But the snowmobile lobby is pushing the issue agai Read more



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Longtime food advocate Robert Pierce will now have his own plot for farming and job training. Recently-released felons will be introduced to agriculture to create economic opportunity for them and their families. Read more

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Exact Sciences had some rough times, but its stock rebounded and is now at record highs. CEO Kevin Conroy believes the company, which is expanding its footprint in Madison, could be a game changer for the city. Read more

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Serving as both a geology lesson and a trail guide, “Wisconsin State Parks” gives the reader a deeper understanding of how Wisconsin’s natural wonders came to be. Read more



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Citizen Dave is stepping down as executive director of the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation and will try his hand at being “Writer Dave.” Read more

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Lake View established its outdoor classroom in 2011. The idea is to get both students and their family members thinking about becoming stewards of the land while also giving kids a “brain break” during the school day. Read more


The online marketplace Goods Unite Us tracks national companies based on campaign contributions to Republican candidates. It then steers users to purchase everyday items via Amazon from brands cleared as GOP-free by the Goods Unite Us staff. Read more

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Paulius Musteikis

While some grumble that Fred Risser should have long ago passed his seat to a younger person, it’s hard to point to any failings. He hasn’t missed a floor vote in 50 years, and his mind is sharp as ever, despite some self-admitted senior moments. Read more

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David Michael Miller

After the 2008 financial meltdown, Congress passed legislation designed to protect everyday folks from shenanigans by brokers and advisers. Now the Trump administration is moving to roll back those reforms. Read more


City planners have long envisioned an iconic building on the triangular lot at Park Street and Fish Hatchery Road. But the neighbors prefer T. Wall’s modest, four-story proposal. Read more

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Winter sports fans are often a little let down in Madison by a lack of snow. But this year, the city comes to the rescue by making snow all winter at Elver Park. The west-side park will also host next February’s Winter Festival, not Capitol Square. Read more

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Mary Langenfeld

A Madison couple installed solar panels for $15,000. Now they fear a proposed Park Street apartment building will shade them from the sun. The conflict could become more common as Madison strives to become both denser and greener. Read more

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When the Goodman Pool opened on the south side in 2006, many residents hoped it would be the first of several city pools. But 10 years later, the wait drags on. Read more

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​Two years ago West High psychologist Rob Lucas died suddenly. A bike ride and paddle event that benefits the Sugar River, a place he held dear, is now held in his honor. Read more



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Get involved with Wisconsin on a deeper level with the Natural Resources Foundation. 220 guided field trips are yours for the signing up. Read more

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Madison’s Rainforest Biodiversity Group has created a Costa Rican ecotourism route. It saves habitat, creates jobs and enables North Americans to see rare species. Read more


The state proposes carving a snowmobile path through Blue Mound State Park and closing a mountain bike trail, worrying those who enjoy the park as a silent refuge. Read more

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    Mike Ivey

    Wisconsin appears ready to allow e-bikes with a power assist up to 28 mph on all dedicated paths and trails. The city recently installed signs near Monona Terrace urging cyclists to be cautious around others.

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    Mike Ivey

    Robin Mwai checks out a BCycle near the Capitol Square to ride back to campus. “I’m a big fan. It’s a pretty speedy way to get around to class.”