Mike Seidel


Paulius Musteikis

The Madison area always has plenty of newcomers to the fish fry scene. Dexter's Pub and Stalzy's Deli have put their stamp on Friday over the last few years, but an even more recent crop of eateries are doing wonderful things with their fish. Read more



Amy Zaremba

It's that time of year again " the smelt are running. If you're from Wisconsin, you know it's pronounced "shmelt", not smelt. Once upon a time, smelt fries were found almost everywhere this time of year, from the VFW to the Eagles to the supper clubs, and they brought people out en masse. Read more



Mike Seidel

While there are plenty of great fish fries right here in Madison, outside the city limits the ritual takes on a whole new meaning. In small towns around the state the Friday tradition runs deep; the community comes together to dine, drink, laugh and live the fry life. These fish fries demonstrate the greatness small towns have to offer, and all are within 30 minutes or so of Madison. Read more



Ryan Wisniewski

Walleye is a special fish in Wisconsin, and Madison is no exception. Unlike some of the other local species, walleye is well represented around town with several topnotch options to choose from. While the fabulous freshwater fish tends to carry a heftier-than-average price tag (usually in the $12-$20 range), it is typically worth the payoff as you get more meat for your money. Read more