These days when I go back to the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis I see something that I never saw as a kid: diversity. Read more

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Chelsey Dequaine

Milwaukee folk duo Dead Horses debuts new song “Family Tapes,” the first in a series of self-produced tracks that depart from the band’s Americana roots. Read more



Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

While Gov. Scott Walker bashes Madison for political points, his administration spends millions to attract millennials to the capital city. The irony is painfully apparent. Read more

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James Heimer

Milwaukee has enlisted volunteer chaplains to try to bridge the gap between police and the community. The program has had remarkable success, helping to quell riots that broke out after a police shooting. Could a similar program work in Madison? Read more



David Michael Miller

In Milwaukee County, Justice Rebecca Bradley got almost 120,000 votes, even though fewer than 106,000 county residents voted for Republicans. 14,000 people! This number absolutely confounds me. Read more

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David Michael Miller

As Milwaukee County executive, Scott Walker ignored plans to repair the Mitchell Park Domes, which are now closed due to falling debris. But as governor, he pushed through a $400 million public subsidy for the rich owners of the Milwaukee Bucks. Read more

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David Michael Miller

While Milwaukee County executive and governor, Walker and his staff have worked hard to keep public business private, using private emails and laptop computers to conduct state business. Read more

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Milwaukee's public market experience provides Madison with a road map of how to make a public market work and what pitfalls to avoid, but it also highlights a glaring deficiency in our city's economic development toolbox. Read more