Natalia Thompson

What happens when you put 10,000 Girl Scouts together under the same roof for four days? Do they consume endless boxes of Thin Mints and Caramel DeLites? Sing "Kum Ba Yah"? more

Isthmus Parents

Elizabeth Levine spends almost every waking moment outside of class at the Madison Field Headquarters of Barack Obama's campaign. Though she's too young to vote, she sees it as a way to make a real difference. "A lot of people feel like very small fish in a very big pond," says Levine, 17, a senior at West High. "It's not just the people on top that can make a difference." more


When I opened an email from my mom relating that Dr. Nerad had called our home shortly after my column was printed, I almost thought she was joking. He wants to meet with you, she wrote, to hear more about your ideas on student engagement. She wasn't kidding -- and neither is Nerad, whom I met with recently at the Doyle Building, the school district's administrative headquarters. more


Art Rainwater's decade-long tenure as superintendent of Madison's schools has ended, and on balance he was fairly popular, at least among teachers, union leaders, school board members and the public. But there's one group whose affections he largely failed to win -- the district's 25,000 students. more


"The City Repair Project engages community members in solving their own problems," says Mark Lakeman, the project's co-founder. "It gets people off their couches and engages them in the public process." more