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Carolyn Fath Ashby

In April 2017, Joseph Jakubowski seized a small arsenal from a Janesville gun store, sent a 161-page handwritten manifesto to President Donald Trump, and set out to lead the nation in open rebellion against the government. Read more

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Beth Skogen

After serving time for two vehicular homicides, Sharif Harmon has found a path to redemption — in his home kitchen, making treats for dogs and humans. Read more



James Heimer

For decades, Dane County has been a model for services for the elderly and those with disabilities. Now the state is forcing the county to join Family Care. Many who have relied on the old system feel betrayed — and worry about what’s to come. Read more

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John Valley, a UW-Madison geologist, has helped identify evidence of life that existed 3.5 billion years ago. Read more

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Mary Langenfeld

Four years ago, Kris converted the basement of his Fitchburg residence into a Luciferian temple, where the coven’s rituals take place. Read more

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Benjamin Zastrow

In the early 1980s, Madison Metro set a high standard with its paratransit service. Now the city proposes axing the service as the state shifts funding away from counties toward private operators. Read more


“There’s nothing left,” says Kathy Vellon, who has many family members living in Puerto Rico. “My aunt said it’s like the apocalypse...just people people collecting water off the side of a mountain.” Read more

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Brett Stepanik

On Sept. 19, Dr. Doug Kramer, 72, joined forces with Dr. Andrés Martin to help raise money for Break the Cycle, a non-profit Martin founded last year to help draw attention to what he describes as a “huge public health mess.” Read more

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Paul Barford/University of Wisco

About a dozen people at UW-Madison worked on the Department of Homeland Security-funded atlas over five years. Although previous attempts to map the internet’s physical structure have been made, this is the most comprehensive and accurate. Read more



Brett Stepanik

Since its first store opened in Verona, in 2008, five others in four states have followed. The business model is simple: turn unwanted bicycles into saleable inventory. Read more


Although the Spark Building on East Washington has yet to be built, we already know the view is spectacular, thanks to Arch Virtual’s virtual rendering. Read more

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True crime was once devoted to recounting the lurid, gruesome details of murder, mayhem and more. But the purveyors of the “new true crime” — filmmakers, journalists and others — are now using it to shine light on a broken justice system. Read more

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Nationally, the political landscape may have completely shifted with the election of Donald Trump. But Madison remains 77 square miles surrounded by reality. Read more



William Moree

Republicans hold a commanding majority in the state Assembly. While there’s no hope the body will flip on Nov. 8, Democrats are working to close the gap. Read more


A new tool known as CRISPR-Cas has given scientists the ability to rewrite the genetic code of living things. The power is likely to reshape the world. Read more

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Madison’s four competitive Assembly races may not have the drama and shock value of the presidential race. But the eight candidates offer different visions for Wisconsin. Read more



Chris Collins

Decades ago, a quirky T-shirt featuring the Capitol and a naked Lady Wisconsin smoking a joint captured the spirit of “Mad City.” Its creator, James McKiernan, had a successful design career. Now back in Madison, he’s once again selling the shirts. Read more


Forward Fest has grown from just three events in 2010 to 40. It runs Aug. 18-25 and is the place to be for any tech entrepreneur. Read more


North Madison has always been one of the city’s scruffier, underappreciated parts of town. Although it will soon lose Oscar Mayer, the area has a fierce and loyal advocate in the Northside Planning Council, which is cooking up a promising future. Read more

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David Tenenbaum/UW-Madison

Mark Ediger, a UW-Madison researcher, has figured out a new way to arrange the molecules in glass, a thing no one had believed possible. But whether the discovery will find a market use remains to be seen. Read more