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Wisconsin DNR

A disease is killing off Wisconsin’s snakes, alarming scientists who say they are an essential part of the fabric of Wisconsin ecosystems, controlling pests and keeping human diseases like Lyme in check. Read more



Mary Kay Baum

The proposed Driftless Trail would connect Blue Mound, Tower Hill and Governor Dodge state parks, the cliffs and gorges of the Ridgeway Pine Relict State Natural Area and the trout streams of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Will a new pilot program end Madison’s annual geese slaughter? The Alliance for Animals and new parks volunteers hope so. Read more



Bev Mazur

It’s time for the 14th annual Madison Reads Leopold event at the UW Arboretum. Read more

Citizen Dave

Environmentalists and animal rights activists are trying to draw attention to coyote-killing contests, including one being held this weekend in Sauk City. Read more

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Artist Katherine Steichen Rosing captures the cryptic beauty of the life-and-death cycle of ash trees in “Emeralds to Ashes,” an exhibit at Madison College. Read more

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Victoria Davis

Most people think of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve as a park, but it’s actually a world-class research facility. UW-Madison students have been studying how humans (and their dogs) and wildlife interact here. Read more



Jay Watson

Bees and butterflies are facing an uphill battle in their search for nectar. The good news is there’s still time to help pollinators in the garden. Read more

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Linda Falkenstein

The bookstore at the UW Arboretum will set you up with hyperlocal guidebooks and classics of U.S. environmental literature. You might also leave with a set of scat identification cards. Read more


Letters and comments from the April 12, 2018 issue Read more



Cyndy Patrick

The Wisconsin Master Naturalist program trains volunteers to study and celebrate our state resources. But the most important qualities may be a sense of curiosity — and wonder. Read more

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Heidi Habeger

Lake View established its outdoor classroom in 2011. The idea is to get both students and their family members thinking about becoming stewards of the land while also giving kids a “brain break” during the school day. Read more


“Zoethica,” is a beautiful scavenger hunt created by UW-Madison interdisciplinary artist-in-residence Peter Krsko and students in a spring semester course. The outdoor exhibit of “bio-inspired” art runs through August 6 at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Read more

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Judith Davidoff

Residents upset about the loss of canopy trees joined with city officials who have been responsible for cutting some of them down, in a tree planting event. This is a hopeful tale about problem-solving, cooperation and understanding. Read more


The city purchased land in the High Point-Raymond neighborhood and constructed a multi-purpose path connecting the Jeffy Trail dead-end to the Ice Age Junction Path. Now the city is intent on destroying that public space over neighborhood opposition. Read more

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In the past several years, gray wolves have gone on and off the list of animals protected by the Endangered Species Act. In Wisconsin, being removed automatically means the animals will be hunted. Will they survive? Read more

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Courtesy of the Aldo Leopold Fou

Why Aldo Leopold right now? Students will find the relevance of his message in today’s world in a series of classes and talks from the UW’s Division of Continuing Studies this spring. Read more

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Wisconsin Department of Tourism

Most of the contaminated areas of the former Badger Ammo site are now clean. But proposed recreational uses of the land threaten to derail decades of local advocacy for safe and sustainable use of this vast tract of unique real estate. Read more

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Steven Potter

Burning forests and prairies is one of the most effective ways to manage natural areas and keep invasive species at bay. This year, city workers set almost a dozen fires in Madison’s conservation areas. Read more

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New state regulations have taken the community aspects out of deer hunting. Read more

Citizen Dave