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Momentum is building for efforts to allow players in the biggest college football and men’s basketball programs to get a bigger share of a billion-dollar industry. Enter the NCAA. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Look to the restrictive rules from the NBA and NFL before you condemn college programs for not paying athletes. Read more

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David Michael Miller

California has a new law, effective in 2023, that would allow players at all California schools to receive income for the use of their image and likeness. It’s unlikely Wisconsin will follow suit. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Where should I start? How about Jim Delaney, the Big Ten commissioner who is retiring with a $20 million bonus. Read more

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You could make a fair case that nothing much would be lost if football went away. After all, there are plenty of safer alternatives. But there could be ways to make the game safer without banning it forever. Read more

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Beth Skogen

Jason Ilstrup has been on an unusual quest to see every single NCAA Division I men’s basketball team play live. Although he’s making steady progress, he’s not sure when he’ll ever reach his goal. Read more


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