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Matthew Murphy

Despite a paper-thin plot, the dance and the visuals rule the touring production of “An American in Paris,” at Overture Hall through March 4. Read more


The Swedish band Sabaton find satisfaction by combining adrenaline-powered heavy metal with military history lessons. They invade the Orpheum Feb. 24. Read more


Under the agreement, Live Nation, Frank Productions’ formal rival, gains access to a national arena-booking empire while the Franks get near-complete control of concert booking in Madison. Local musicians react to the news. Read more

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David Michael Miller

In a shocking move, Frank Productions is selling a controlling interest to Live Nation, its former rival. Live Nation gains access to a national arena-booking empire while the Franks get near-complete control of concert booking in Madison. Read more

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Joan Marcus

Isthmus arts and culture editor Catherine Capellaro looks back at a year where she found hope and faith in humanity through art. Read more

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After being shut out of East Washington development, Toffer Christensen takes on new role as local talent buyer for Live Nation. Read more



Chris Winterhack

Wisconsin’s historic preservation tax credit has done more than breathe life into old buildings, its fans argue. It’s also helped create jobs and revitalize rural towns. Will reducing the credit eliminate one of the most effective tax cuts? Read more

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James Kraus

The jam band legends have built their reputation on an ever-changing, progressive sound and a riveting live show that puts flamboyant performers like Phish and the Flaming Lips to shame. Read more

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Chris Winterhack

Phantogram preforms at the Orpheum Theater on Mar. 13, 2017. With The Veldt. Read more

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David Michael Miller

As Madison’s East Washington corridor shapes up as a thriving district, a new venue has gained city approval. Aaron Conklin talks to some of the players about what the introduction of the Sylvee, the new Frank Productions venue, means for the growin Read more

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A development proposed for the 800 block of East Washington Avenue has caused controversy over a 2,500-person music venue from Frank Productions. But a $16 million parking structure, to be built with public funds, is proving to be another contentious Read more

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Chris Collins

Despite thunderstorms and flood warnings, several hundred people showed up to cheer as Orpheum owner Gus Paras counted down to the moment when the theater’s new sign was lit for the first time. Read more

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David Michael Miller

The new sign is being installed at the Orpheum Theater. An impressive re-creation of the original 1920s-era “blade sign,” it will light up State Street with more than 2,000 energy-efficient lights. Read more

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