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David Michael Miller

Something as deceptively simple as an additional bus garage could shape Madison’s future for decades to come. Read more



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City residents are dreaming up ideas for the Oscar Mayer property, hoping to inspire and assist the property owner in making them happen. Read more

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Michael Sullivan

The equipment auction at Oscar Mayer last week was the place to be. Isthmus tags along with Underground Meats’ Jonny Hunter. Read more



Dylan Brogan

Although Madison’s Oscar Mayer plant had stopped processing meat in June, a skeleton crew of workers remained to clean the facility and put it to bed. They clocked out with little fanfare for the last time on July 28 around 2 p.m. Read more


Weeks before plant closure, Oscar Mayer workers will hold rally Thursday to pressure Kraft Heinz. Read more

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Oscar Mayer has a potential buyer in Reich Brothers Holdings, which specializes in buying and repurposing old industrial sites. The company’s co-CEO has hopes that Madison’s signature industry could find new life as a job center. Read more



David Michael Miller

Madison’s soon-to-be closed Oscar Mayer site has a negative value between $10-$20 million. The city hopes to buy it for $1 dollar and find a new use for the site. Read more


Oscar Mayer is leaving town but the Weinermobiles are staying. What a whimsical reminder of 1,000 lost jobs! What other Madison wounds can we pour salt into? Read more

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David Michael Miller

Political posturing over the impending closing of Oscar Mayer, whether by WEDC, WMC or the mayor, does nothing for the workers whose jobs are disappearing. Read more

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David Michael Miller

As a north-sider, I don’t want the grounds of Oscar Mayer plant to mirror Janesville’s GM plant. How about using it as a food production facility, a hotel or an office space? Read more

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David Michael Miller

​It’s true that the administration’s open-for-business strategy has done little to improve Wisconsin’s economy. But that’s not why Oscar Mayer is leaving the state. Read more

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The empty campus on the city’s north side will be an eyesore and a problem for the neighborhood. Turning this around is more important than redeveloping one block downtown. Read more

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Joe Tarr

The longtime Madison manufacturer will close within two years, Kraft Heinz Co. announced today. Dane County Executive Joe Parisi tells workers they’re “not alone.” Read more

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Joe Rocco

Media are reporting that Madison’s Oscar Mayer plant will be closed by its parent company, the newly merged Kraft Heinz Co. Jay Rath’s June cover story for Isthmus chronicles the company’s history here and how much it has meant to the city. Read more


Fears that Oscar Mayer’s corporate headquarters would leave Madison with a recent merger were fueled with 165 job cuts last week. Nevertheless, Madison’s largest manufacturer is adding production jobs. Read more


With the recent merger of the Kraft Heinz Company, many feared jobs would be slashed at Madison’s Oscar Mayer plant. On Wednesday morning, the company announced 165 layoffs. Read more



Joe Rocco

A pending merger of Oscar Mayer’s parent company, Kraft Foods, with H.J. Heinz Co., could spell the end of the local company, Jay Rath reported in Isthmus. He spoke to WORT-FM producer Dylan Brogan about his story. Read more



Joe Rocco

Oscar Mayer has been a Madison institution for almost a century and remains Dane County’s largest manufacturer. But the company’s days may be numbered as Kraft prepares to merge with Heinz. Jay Rath reports on the impact the company has had here. Read more

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