Pat Dillon

War, disease and science all collide in “Staggering Losses,” a comprehensive historical exhibit at the Ebling Library in UW-Madison’s Health Sciences Learning Center. Read more

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Martin Menocal

Garver Feed Mill is “an oasis in the middle of the city,” says Kosa Spa owner Shilpa Sankaran, and a perfect spot for Madison’s first specifically Ayurvedic spa. Read more


After researching the history of Wisconsin sculptor Jean Pond Miner, artists Brenda Baker and Bird Ross launch an endowment that will fund awards for female artists in Dane County. Read more

Visual Arts


Benjamin Barlow

A play based on the book "Infamous Mothers" opens at the Bartell Theatre on Nov. 8. The book’s author, Sagashus Levingston, hopes the play will spark community dialogue on issues of race, equity and inclusion. Read more


“Women Against Hate United by Love” pairs artists with activists to push back against bigotry and hate. It’s at Arts + Literature Lab Oct. 5-Nov. 3. Read more

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Chris Charles

Sagashus Levingston, author of the “Infamous Mothers” coffee table book, hosts a successful conference led by black women. She’s announced a forthcoming “Infamous Fathers” book, a pilot program for mothers and Infamous Mothers University. Read more



James Heimer

The United States incarcerates more people than any other country. In Wisconsin, there is no formal safety net to help the children who are separated from their parents. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

Every year, the Madison Police Department is forced to sell or dump hundreds of bikes that have been lost or stolen. Some police employees thought it would be nice if they could give away those bikes to people in need. Read more

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Nick Berard

In a new memoir, “The Education of Will,” animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell reveals how training her troubled puppy helped her confront her own past trauma and abuse. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories 1 Comments

A.J. Carr lost a grandmother, uncle and cousin to violence in Chicago. The week before Christmas, he delivered a carload of presents to children whose families have suffered similar devastation. Read more


“Stitching History from the Holocaust” is a traveling exhibit from the Jewish Museum Milwaukee. It’s open, along with a locally created companion exhibit, at the Ruth Davis Design Gallery on the UW-Madison campus. Read more

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Lauren Justice

Ajani Carr’s young life has been riddled with tragedy. But the 13-year-old is focusing on making a difference, spearheading a new group, Building Bosses, to fight for equity and understanding. Read more

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Sagashus Levingston, a Ph.D. candidate at UW-Madison, has Kickstarted a coffee table book called “Infamous Mothers.” The book tells the stories of marginalized black women and how they overcame obstacles to become change-makers. Read more



Jason Florio

In Syria, 220,000 people have been killed, and every day, 8,000 people flee the country. A group of Madisonians have come together to try to help the refugees by raising funds and awareness and, eventually, opening “doors for refugees” to Madison. Read more



Tom Moore

Get-tough-on-crime laws put thousands of people behind bars. Many are now getting out, including hundreds released every year in Dane County. The struggle to get their lives back on track is filled with obstacles. Read more

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If you're white and live in Madison, odds are you're doing okay. You're probably educated or at least employed. You may have access to health care and own a home, and chances are you've never been incarcerated. Read more



Wisconsin Resource Center

On a cold Wednesday afternoon in January, Caliph Muab-el sits on a stage at the Wisconsin Resource Center next to male inmates in green prison garb. Each is here to describe his path to prison as part of a healing process. Read more


It's natural to head to a bar or club for live music, but sometimes you don't have to look any further than your own backyard. Concerts are thriving in living rooms, basements and, yes, backyards all over the Madison area. After a friend took me to my first house concert this past summer, I was hooked. Read more


When Jessie Kushner and Troy Gosz are not trekking the Wisconsin wilderness or leading at-risk youth through the wilds of northern Minnesota, they take leisurely morning walks through Elmside Circle Park neighborhood with their border collie. Read more



Ryan Inzana

In 2010, just five black and 13 Hispanic graduating seniors in the Madison Metropolitan School District were ready for college, according to data from the district and Urban League of Greater Madison. These statistics should make your heart race. If they don't, and you're white, you may be suffering from what anti-racism educator Tim Wise calls "the pathology of white privilege." If you do get it and don't take action, that is almost worse. Read more


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