Paul Buhle

There are plenty of stories about the counterculture in Madison's past -- some of which remains, since we Madisonians still exist at least part of the time in a cheerful parallel reality. But you don't hear so many stories about comic art. Looking at "The Oddly Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen" (Dark Horse Books) is not quite like smoking a joint discovered accidentally in the back of a drawer. Perhaps, on some pages, it just feels that way. more



Eric Tadsen

Sometime in October 1968, Austin, Texas, comics artist Gilbert Shelton pulled up to my apartment on Spaight Street. You could see the old black Caddy coming a block away, and when he parked, the back window, full of stickers, tourist-type and hippie-LSD-type alike, was an eyeful. Gilbert was a tall, tanned, well-built guy in his late 20s, a former University of Texas graduate student and sometime partygoer with Janis Joplin. Now he was on a mission. more

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