Paul Smirl


Jennifer Newlin

After their fiddle player left the band in April, Dead Horses required some reinvention. The Milwaukee-based bluegrassers had always been a jam-heavy quartet, and losing the fiddle’s high-ranging melodic and improvisational punch changed the sound. Read more



The Record Machine

This quick and catchy track comes from Little Legend’s debut full-length record, out Jan. 8. The Madison rock band will play a release show at Mickey’s Tavern on Saturday, Jan. 9. Read more


Eight members of the local music scene share their favorites from the past year. Read more


To honor the legacy of his late friend Laura Finseth Scott, Simon Balto wrote a song reflecting on her life. The singer-songwriter is donating the proceeds of download sales to a scholarship fund set up in her honor. Read more



Tim Erickson

For the last 19 months, Tim Thompson and Wyatt Agard have brought some of house music’s biggest names to Madison. But with attendance dropping in recent months, House of Love will hold its final residency date at the Cardinal Bar on Oct. 23. Read more


Founded on inside jokes and fueled by retro sounds, Cribshitter’s music exists in a world of its own. The Madison band pairs comedic, over-the-top lyrics with ’80s hi-fi pop production on a new vacation-themed concept record, set for release Oct. 10. Read more



Rachel Virnig

Young “cowpunk” trio Wood Chickens blend country, punk and psychedelic, and are quickly becoming a vital part of Madison’s local scene. The band will depart on a tour of the U.S. heartland after a Sept. 26 send-off show at Mickey’s Tavern. Read more



Robert Zammarchi

Our fall music preview includes nearly 100 concerts, ranging from local up-and-comers to national touring acts and venues as tiny as Dragonfly Lounge to as gigantic as the Kohl Center. On the Madison music scene, there's room for everyone. Read more

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Jim McGuire

​They love banjos, and they love collaborating with each other. Isthmus talks to the powerhouse duo Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn, who play at the Union Theater on Sept. 10. Read more



Connie Ward

Madison folk band Faux Fawn’s music is rooted deep in life. The songs are tales of Midwestern minutiae, retellings of literary classics, revisions of historical events and reflections on the simple, the dark and the dramatic. Read more



Tim Radl

With garage rock ambitions, remarkable chemistry and a dedication to songcraft, Bobby Hussy and Heather Sawyer’s partnership has flourished in the seven years since the Hussy was born in an east-side Madison basement. Read more



Makeshift Media Group

“A Sky Painted Brown” is a Kathie Rasmussen Women’s Theatre production that invites the audience into the high school hell of bullying victim Camille St. Vincent. Read more