Paul Soglin


Current mayor of Madison, Wisconsin. Soglin served as mayor from 1973-1979, again from 1989-1997, and from 2011 to the present. Soglin also served on Madison's Common Council from 1968-1972.


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Madison Mayor Paul Soglin says he has the experience to tackle Madison’s challenges. Challenger Satya Rhodes-Conway says it’s time to give someone else a shot. The election is less than three weeks away. Read more

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Isthmus is hosting a debate between Paul Soglin and Satya Rhodes-Conway, the mayoral candidates, on March 18 at the Central Library. Send us the questions you want us to ask them. Read more

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Mayor Paul Soglin won the mayoral primary but with only 28 percent of the vote. That’s not good news for an incumbent. Read more

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Mayor Paul Soglin and Satya Rhodes-Conway will square off in the general election on April 2. Staff writer Dylan Brogan reports on the candidates’ polar opposite campaign parties. Read more


Next year we can start putting “former” in front of “Governor” when we write about Scott Walker. And there is even more to look forward to. Read more

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For four decades Isthmus has been putting together below-the-belt annual rewards for bad behavior. Not surprisingly, there is never a shortage of material. Read more

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It's the year 3019. There's Soglin, announcing the city's new intergalactic spaceport! Read more

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Madison Mayor Paul Soglin conducted a poll last week that singled out who he, presumably, considers to be his main competition in next year’s mayoral race. Soglin has never lost a reelection campaign (he’s had five). Read more

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Hizzoner argues his approach to Madison’s flood threat covers the “complexity” of the causes and solutions to flooding; a Catholic remains faithful through “poor leadership” of Bishop Morlino, who recently died. Read more



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Paul Soglin’s decision to reverse course and run again for mayor was the least surprising surprise announcement imaginable. He has pulled these moves before. Read more



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Paul Soglin has upset the apple cart in next year’s race for Madison mayor. His opponents say he’s been mayor long enough. Read more

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Even before Paul Soglin announced July 17 that he will retire as mayor when his term expires in April, three candidates were vying for his seat. Read more

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Mayor Paul Soglin announces retirement from city hall Read more

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Paul Soglin says he won’t seek another term as Madison’s mayor. But he’s still certain he’ll be the next governor of Wisconsin. Read more


Gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys got the most votes in a straw poll at the Democratic Party’s state convention last weekend. But she’s been out of state office for a few years now. In today’s anti-incumbent climate, that should work in her favor. Read more

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Democrats should reward candidates who campaign cheerfully, work hard and answer tough questions that have a right to be asked. Read more

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Alejandro A. Alonso Galva

Officials from Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, find inspiration and sympathetic ears on a tour of Madison. Read more


Madison will host officials from hurricane-damaged Toa Baja, Puerto Rico later this month, with the hope that they can learn some tips on developing a local economy. Read more



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Citizen Dave has some tips for Paul Soglin’s supper-club campaign, considering Soglin doesn’t really strike you as a supper club kind of guy. Read more

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While the latest proposal to retire the debt of the Overture Center for the Performing Arts was dismissed by Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and the city's Board of Estimates, the discussion does not end there. Read more


Already the county is on the scene with its Joining Forces for Families program to coordinate school and social service help for struggling families. But absent is a city commitment to a full-time Neighborhood Resource Team. Read more