Laura Zastrow

Less time under anesthesia. Smaller incisions. Lower costs. A veterinary specialist in spaying and neutering offers many benefits. Read more


Laura Strimpel’s North Paw boarding and daycare facility specializes in smaller dogs, so they won’t feel threatened or overwhelmed. There’s another small pet welcome, too … cats. Read more

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I’ve had two Shelties, but they were really my wife’s dogs. This time we have a mutt and it’s going to be different. Read more

Citizen Dave

Making homemade dog treats is fun, every so often. These feature wholesome ingredients for your canine companion — who will (let’s face it) eat moldy sweet potatoes out of the compost bin. Read more

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There are a number of “best practices” to follow when you are adopting a dog, whether you are working with a breeder, a rescue or an animal shelter. Read more


Dr. Carrie Donahue, owner of Full Circle Holistic Veterinary Care on Monroe Street, integrates Western and Eastern care. The clinic also sells a variety of holistic pet care products. Read more



Mason Muerhoff

UW-Madison has a new mascot: a lost bearded dragon. Read more



Erin Hueffner

Reptile Rapture aims to educate and equip reptile owners. Pet owners can pick up some chow for their gecko, too. Read more


Take a walk on the Wag! side. There’s a new app that people are calling “the Uber of dog walking.” Read more

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Amy Lambright Murphy and Jill Schaefer dreamed up Reek Havoc as a way to cope with pet odors. But the business has also connected them to the community. Read more


Canine Sports Zone is an indoor fun space for dogs. Agility training and competitions take place here too. Read more


After more than 12 years we had to say goodbye to our Shetland sheepdog, Calvin. He helped make our house feel like home. Read more

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Craig Michaels hikes with pups in a new kind of canine daycare. Off-leash adventures mean more than just a tired dog at the end of the day. Read more

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Sean Virtue

Coyote hunter Kurt Rausch made his initial appearance in Dane County court on felony charges for the fatal shooting of two dogs in a wildlife area. He is now out on bail. Read more

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Deanna Clark was walking her four dogs at a Dane County wildlife area on Jan. 22 when a coyote hunter shot two of them. The DNR declined to press charges, but the hunter is now facing felony charges from the Dane County District Attorney’s Office. Read more

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In mid-May, a Milwaukee-area Craigslist ad for "fox cages and boxes" and "slatted flooring" for sale near Plymouth, Wis., was evidence that Gerald Schulz and his dog-breeding operation, Pretty Penny Kennel, were no longer in business. Schulz used the Read more

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