Public Enemies


Amelia Cook

On July 1, I saw "Public Enemies" at the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation's premiere, held at Eastgate Cinemas in Madison. The auditorium was filled with busloads of people who'd made the trip from Columbus to see their neighbors, their main more


In 1934, as the feds were closing in on John Dillinger and other gangsters, Madison was a small capital city in the grip of a spring drought and a summer heat wave. more


A better -- and shorter, and more vividly dramatic -- film would focus more on searing Dillinger moments. But "Public Enemies" is rambling and, dare I say, a little dull. more



Jessica Slicer

Old-fashioned cars lined East Wilson Street Tuesday night, ladies smeared on bright red lipstick and pinned back their hair and a few gentlemen even sported top hats and canes. Celebrating the release of the ultra-hyped movie, "Public Enemies", local more


Don't let anyone tell you criminality means sloppy dressing. According to "Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34" by Bryan Burrough, legendary gangster John Dillinger was the nattiest of bank robbers. more



Kyle Nabilcy

It hardly seems like it's been over a year since "Public Enemies", opening in theaters nationwide on July 1, was filming in the streets and buildings of cities across Wisconsin. But while that time flew by for me, at least, the folks at the Oshkosh P more


When friends and family learn that Chris Kilgour worked on the "Public Enemies" set, they are most excited to hear about his interactions with Johnny Depp and other big name celebrities. But what the Madison set builder wants people to know is not ho more



Ron Santoro

Scott Rawson is one of hundreds of local folks who got a taste of Hollywood glamour -- and, in some cases, Hollywood cigarettes -- as extras in "Public Enemies". I tracked down some of them and asked them to reminisce. more

Isthmus Cover Stories

Film Wisconsin has advocated forcefully for preserving the tax credits for film producers that brought "Public Enemies" to Wisconsin. In his budget proposal for 2009-2011, Gov. Jim Doyle proposed eliminating the credits. more



Rod Melotte

It's been over a year since Universal Studios shot "Public Enemies" in my little town of Columbus, Wisconsin. On the eve of the movie's July 1 premiere, I've been thinking about what a major motion picture does to a town of 5,000. more