Amy Stocklein

Want some advice on how to be a sensitive ally to people of color? Sabrina “Heymiss Progress” Madison offers a class for white women. Read more

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Matt Ammerman/Madison College

Residents of Madison’s historically underserved south side have big hopes for Madison College’s new Goodman South campus. Read more

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When immigrants are released from detention centers to await their appearance in court, they often have nothing. Sarah Frank traveled to the border with much-needed supplies. Read more



David Michael Miller

Adults should encourage kids to stand against injustice. But the style that many Madison equity activists have adopted is causing more injustice than it’s preventing. Read more

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Laura Zastrow

Three years ago, President Donald Trump suggested a “Muslim registry.” Masood Akhtar responded with the organization, We Are Many United Against Hate, to promote tolerance and preserve the country he idolized as a boy. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Well-intended Madison and Dane County residents have some choices to make right now. Do we really believe that black lives matter, or do they only matter if they politely tolerate the status quo? Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

A family rushed to Leopold Elementary on March 15 believing their fifth grader had been struck by the principal. They threatened to beat the principal’s “white ass,” but video surveillance showed the student fabricated the incident. Read more

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Six candidates believe they have the experience and vision to help Madison schools grapple with racism, behavioral issues, the achievement gap and move. Isthmus talked to the candidates to find out why they’re running and what they want to achieve. Read more

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Christopher Diaz

The inaugural Black Arts Matter Festival aims to bring together creatives from campus and community, says organizer Shasparay Lighteard, a UW-Madison First Wave scholar. Read more




A community theater organization and UW Department of Afro-American Studies create a co-production of Alice Childress’ groundbreaking play, "Trouble in Mind." Read more



Gillian Laub

“Southern Rites,” a photography exhibit at the Chazen Museum of Art by UW alum Gillian Laub, documents the segregation practices of a Southern town. Read more

Visual Arts

African Americans started putting down roots in Madison in the 1800s. A new collection of oral histories from the descendants of these pioneers capture what life was like for these early settlers. Read more

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Sharlen Moore

For the fifth annual social justice conference, UW-Madison’s School of Social Work wanted to hear from people who know the social work system better than anyone — the people who grew up in it. Read more



David Michael Miller

Questions about what exactly happened at the prom shoot in Baraboo and what it all means remain unresolved. But toxic social media reaction has not helped matters. Read more

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East High students dig into lessons from World War I, with lectures on the Middle East, Putin’s rise and white supremacy. Read more



Source: Wis. Dept. of Public Instruction

The Madison Metropolitan School District has been touting an increase in high school graduation rates for minority students. But are these students graduating with basic academic skills? Read more

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Jenny Peek

Sherman Middle School ended last year in turmoil, with the resignation of its principal and accusations of racism. An interim principal is trying to heal the wounds, but mistrust and skepticism remain. Read more

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Middleton-Cross Plains elementary teachers asked to reexamine using Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books after the popular “Little House on the Prairie” author’s name is removed from a major children’s book award. Read more

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UW Archives

The Ku Klux Klan had a presence at UW-Madison in the 1920s, and the university is in the midst of reckoning with its racist history — both the lingering climate of intolerance and the physical spaces named for KKK members. Read more

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U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan says he never thought his opinion of President Donald Trump could be any lower. Then he toured the detention centers where immigrant children have been taken away from their parents and held in cages. Read more

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