Wisconsin Public Television and Radio are back under the UW-Madison umbrella. But you probably won’t notice. more



Dylan Brogan

A WORT hip hop DJ was injured after a masked man entered the community radio station and started shooting. Madison police say an investigation is ongoing. more


In a new era of radio, WSUM’s future is coming in loud and clear. The UW-Madison students station plans to add a second online music stream. more

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Its antenna may be on the fire department’s hose drying tower, but 98.7 FM WVMO — The Voice of Monona — is making waves. more

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Mike Heller has earned respect from big names in the business. The Madison sports radio host keeps his cool while finding a national audience. more


Madison icon Sly Sylvester has lost his progressive talk radio show on WEKZ-FM, and will now become a DJ. It’s another blow for progressive radio in Madison, after a format change last week on 92.1 The Mic. more

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Madison’s liberals not only lost at the polls this week — they also lost the progressive talk station, 92.1 FM The Mic. The station is currently broadcasting Christmas music. more

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Devil’s Advocate Radio co-hosts Mike Crute and Dom Salvia announced Tuesday that their contract with The Mic 92.1 will be canceled in about a week. more

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Local talk radio host Derrell Connor will launch classic hip-hop shows on “The Boombox” on Sun Prairie’s community radio station 103.5, The Sun. He’s hoping to spin several segments into a stand-alone radio station. more



Dylan Brogan

In an era when local news outlets are contracting, the volunteer-run WORT-FM expands its local coverage. On Oct. 5, In Our Backyard grows to an hour, with new features, expanded reports, podcasts. more



Lauren Justice

​Broacasting from Monona City Hall, the “Voice of Monona” provides opportunities for citizen input. more

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Alexei Vella

​Low-power FM community radio is growing in popularity, but technical and regulatory hurdles remain. Wisconsin’s Phantom Machine Works helps communities establish new radio outlets. more



Jeff Drew

If you want a good story about the music industry, just call UW alum Bruce Ravid. Ravid was an A&R rep for Capitol Records during the 1980s, when the music industry reached a new apex thanks to innovations like MTV. This was, of course, before th more

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Kelly Doering

The show's teetering on the brink of catastrophe, and the listeners have absolutely no idea. First the phone system crashed -- on the one day the studio engineer is not on site -- and it could go out again at any moment. more

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Charlie Powell

Here's the thing about Ira Glass: The host of public radio's "This American Life" seems to be exactly the same in real life as he is on his show. more



Matt Mignanelli

Up the hill from Vitense Golf Course on Madison's west side sits an unassuming single-story home. I pull into the driveway on a recent sunny autumn day, double-check the address and look for a few clues that this, indeed, is a hub... more

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