Rebecca Dallet

Letters and comments from the April 12, 2018 issue Read more



David Michael Miller

Anger is energizing; Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate; Democrats should advance their most boring candidate to run against Walker in November. Read more

Citizen Dave 2 Comments

Judge Rebecca Dallet’s election will alter the state Supreme Court’s ideological balance, leaving conservatives with just a 4-3 edge instead of a 5-2 domination. Read more

News 1 Comments

Conservative Judge Michael Screnock has benefited from the state’s new campaign spending limits in his Supreme Court bid, raking in $260,000 more than he would have under the old rules. Opponent Judge Rebecca Dallet has seen a negligible bump. Read more


In the state Supreme Court race, Michael Screnock has branded his opponent, Rebecca Dallet, as “a liberal activist judge” while claiming he is free of partisan, political or ideological intent. This is, in his case, an audacious falsehood. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories 11 Comments

Progressives miss a sure bet at getting another seat on the state Supreme Court in low-turnout primary. The liberal Judge Rebecca Dallet will face conservative Judge Michael Screnock in April 3 general election. Read more

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Conservatives have increased their hold on the Wisconsin Supreme and now hold a 5-to-2 majority. But this year could mark the end of that trend — if the conservative contender for the job does not survive the primary and make it onto the ballot. Read more

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