Mary Kay Baum

The proposed Driftless Trail would connect Blue Mound, Tower Hill and Governor Dodge state parks, the cliffs and gorges of the Ridgeway Pine Relict State Natural Area and the trout streams of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway. Read more

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Madison rejected two ideas — a zipline and a public restroom — for activating the top of State Street and curbing bad behavior. Read more

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Wis. Dept of Natural Resources

A Dane County judge in 2016 blocked the DNR from moving forward with plans for a snowmobile route that would have displaced one of the most popular cross country ski trails at Blue Mound State Park. But the snowmobile lobby is pushing the issue agai Read more



Emilie Heidemann

The first ever Madison Fitness Week highlights area fitness resources offering a range of classes. The event wraps up with a giant group fitness class at Breese Stevens. Read more


What better time to ski than July? MadNorski utilizes the off-months to train would-be young stars. Read more



Wis. Dept. of Natural Resources

Since 1985, Wisconsin has paid hunters more than $700,000 for dogs who were killed by wolves during a hunt. No other state does this. Sen. Fred Risser wants to the end the payments, which some call “hunter welfare.” Read more

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Cameron Gillie

The Trailtessa program from the Ice Age Trail encourages women to get outdoors. An upcoming trail-clearing event near Merrimac will encourage them to grab tools and take over activities too often done by men. Read more

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See photos from the River Alliance of Wisconsin's 7th Annual Fools' Flotilla. Read more

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Todd Hubler

The way Wisconsin residents use the outdoors is changing. More people walk, hike and bird watch than hunt. This means fewer dollars to manage our public lands and wildlife. Read more

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Fat bikes, ideal for traversing ice and snow, make for oversized fun. The stable ride makes them a perfect choice for the casual enthusiast. Read more

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If cabin fever’s struck, check out this list of 12 fun activities that will get you out of the house — and that winter-weather slump. Read more

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Courtesy of the Aldo Leopold Fou

Why Aldo Leopold right now? Students will find the relevance of his message in today’s world in a series of classes and talks from the UW’s Division of Continuing Studies this spring. Read more

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The Natural Resources Board approved construction of a snowmobile through Blue Mound State Park last January. But due to a lawsuit, the board will reconsider the policy at the end of this month. Read more



Nick Berard

The no-frills east-side gym is a crucible for change. Marcelle Richards and photographer Nick Berard take a closer look at those who train and coach there. Read more

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Summit Strength & Fitness, a new climbing gym to open in Madison in January, will cater to serious climbers. Training, coaching and fitness classes will round out the offerings. Read more



Wisconsin Department of Tourism

Most of the contaminated areas of the former Badger Ammo site are now clean. But proposed recreational uses of the land threaten to derail decades of local advocacy for safe and sustainable use of this vast tract of unique real estate. Read more

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Mary Langenfeld

A cross between tennis and ping pong, pickleball is a young sport quickly growing in popularity. Madison now has six new courts at Garner Park, where enthusiasts can always find a game. Read more


Winter sports fans are often a little let down in Madison by a lack of snow. But this year, the city comes to the rescue by making snow all winter at Elver Park. The west-side park will also host next February’s Winter Festival, not Capitol Square. Read more

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When the Goodman Pool opened on the south side in 2006, many residents hoped it would be the first of several city pools. But 10 years later, the wait drags on. Read more

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Craig Michaels hikes with pups in a new kind of canine daycare. Off-leash adventures mean more than just a tired dog at the end of the day. Read more

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