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David Michael Miller

The Supreme Court legalized first-trimester abortions in its 1973 decision, Roe V. Wade. The decision is a bad piece of constitutional jurisprudence. Read more

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James Heimer

Many efforts over the years to repeal Wisconsin’s strict abortion ban failed — even after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the law unenforceable in Roe v. Wade. With Trump’s latest nomination to the Court, the old law still is scaring a lot of people. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

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James Heimer

Just as Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court is stirring up fears about the future of Roe v. Wade, so did a Supreme Court review of a Missouri law that, in 1989, prompted this piece in Isthmus. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

Local documentary filmmaker Ben Fritz talked to doctors, advocates and ordinary Wisconsinites for his new film, “Playing Dr.” It screens at Sundance March 30. Read more



Wendi Kent

​Madison activist Wendi Kent is gaining national acclaim for her photojournalism project documenting protests at abortion clinics across the country. Read more


The leading Republican candidate for president can say vile things about women and immigrants. At the same time, too many of us won’t even tolerate hearing from an iconic feminist on the one hand or a conservative preacher on the other. Read more

Citizen Dave


Judith Davidoff

The state Assembly quickly approved a 20-week abortion ban, just days before Scott Walker makes his presidential run official. Read more