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I bought a boat from a crusty engaged business owner who gave me a break on the price. He was also a proud Trump voter. Read more

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David Michael Miller

I’m quite liberal on social issues. I am completely comfortable with terms like intersectionality and cisgender. Lately, however, I have heard a few things from fellow social liberals that I am not so comfortable with. Read more

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David Michael Miller

James Pope is the new board chair of Milwaukee’s Bradley Foundation, a major funder of conservative causes. If past experience is any indication, he will soon be gunning for Wisconsin liberals. Read more



David Michael Miller

As a libertarian-leaning conservative living on Madison’s isthmus, Michael Cummins is used to being the odd man out. But he thinks his views are sometimes misunderstood, and he’d like to clear up any misconceptions. Read more

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Chris Colliins

Does the presidential election still have you down? Well, right here in Madison, there’s a group of people tickled pink by the idea of President Donald Trump. They’re the rare breed known as Dane County Republicans. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Donald Trump exposed the fault lines within the Republican Party. The angry, conservative working-class men who make up the presidential nominee’s base now know the GOP establishment never really cared about them. They need to strike out on their own Read more

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David Michael Miller

The last time a convention might have changed the outcome of an election was in 1968. But since then have conventions mattered? Not so much. Read more

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David Michael Miller

The Koch-funded Libre group aims to recruit Hispanics to the Republican Party. But the group backs proposals that hurt Latinos. Read more



Joeff Davis

My hopes for the convention were fairly realistic. I wanted to see concerted resistance to Trump, even if it were merely symbolic. If my party was going to lie down before a demagogue, it should let America know that it was doing so grudgingly. Read more

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Michael Cummins

On the first day of the 2016 GOP convention, our man in Cleveland is denied access to the main event—but finds plenty of action on the banks of the Cuyahoga River, encountering both bikers and Christians for Trump. Read more



David Michael Miller

The Republican takeover of Wisconsin government has been devastating to progressive values. But while the GOP is in a national meltdown, the state party is still strong. Meanwhile, the Dems still don’t have a state ground game. Read more

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David Michael Miller

The federal trial before Judge James Peterson exposed, once again, the truth behind the election changes forged by Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-led Legislature: They were designed to reduce minority access to the polls. Read more



Dylan Brogan

Speaker Paul Ryan is being challenged by Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen in the Aug. 9 primary. Nehlen has made opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership the centerpiece of his campaign. Read more



David Michael Miller

The Party of Lincoln is quickly becoming the Party of Trump. Why won’t Republicans take a moral stand? Read more

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David Michael Miller

A Donald Trump presidency could threaten our country and the Republican party. Those Republican leaders who seek to appease Trump are hurtling our party toward its ruin. Read more