Determined to keep the store open, Four Star Video Cooperative’s Lewis Peterson has been training volunteers to help run the store at a new, smaller location. Read more



Carolyn Fath Ashby

Baby shower, wedding, birthday or just “I want to brighten your day” — when you need an extraordinary gift, try these five shops that took top honors our 2019 reader poll. Read more

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Carolyn Fath Ashby

Grasshopper Goods, the forward-looking mobile boutique, has met the challenges of not being able to vend on Madison city streets. Now, owner Karen Tardrew has opened a second location that stays still, in downtown Stoughton. Read more



Carolyn Fath Ashby

Nothing parenthetical about it: State Street’s (shoo) is a fun place to shop. Owner Pat Blake likes to feature lesser known styles. But (shoo) also functions as an art gallery and a vintage clothing shop. Read more



Carolyn Fath

There are already so many reasons to hate big box stores, but here’s one more: Thanks to a 2008 state Supreme Court decision, retailers can sue to slash their property assessment, passing the tax burden to ordinary citizens. Read more

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In June, A Room of One’s Own announced the shop is for sale. Since then, many people have suggested another option: a community of people who could own the shop collectively, as a co-op. The store will host a Sept. 20 meeting on the idea. Read more


Many fear that State Street is turning into a giant food and booze court. But a proposed Under Armour store boosts contrary arguments that the free market will sort things out. Not everyone is convinced. Read more

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