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Wisconsin’s historic preservation tax credit has done more than breathe life into old buildings, its fans argue. It’s also helped create jobs and revitalize rural towns. Will reducing the credit eliminate one of the most effective tax cuts? Read more

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Carolyn Fath

Russian immigrants Ekaterina and Alexey Pronina have made a life for themselves with a specialty market on Madison’s west side. The shop stocks all manner of goodies from their homeland. But don’t ask them to talk politics. Read more

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A boutique hotel proposed for the top of State Street hopes to use a nearby city ramp for parking. But it is just one of several developments looking to use the same ramp, prompting fears that there won’t be enough parking downtown. Read more

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Donald Trump was elected president running on a law-and-order platform that called for tougher stance on crime. That creates serious challenges for those who see the criminal justice system in dire need of reform. Read more



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Will Edgewood High School finally get its own stadium and be able to host home football and soccer games? Many neighbors hope not. Read more

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