Robert Morlino


Diocese of Madison

Robert Morlino was the Bishop of the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin. 

Hizzoner argues his approach to Madison’s flood threat covers the “complexity” of the causes and solutions to flooding; a Catholic remains faithful through “poor leadership” of Bishop Morlino, who recently died. Read more



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Madison Bishop Robert Morlino blames gay culture within the church for the systemic abuse of children. He reveals a warped, paranoid view that most of the modern world has moved away from. Read more

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President Trump manages to suck the oxygen from the room, elbowing aside other news. Stuff happens that nobody notices. But 2017 was a banner year for Cheap Shots, Isthmus’ annual tradition of delivering low blows to worthy recipients. Read more

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In Wisconsin, 2015 won’t likely be remembered as the best of times. But it was a year when the veneer was stripped away, forcing a more honest assessment, as the state came to terms with itself. Read more


Bishop Robert Morlino is failing badly in his role as a community leader. If the Catholic Church had any sense, they would replace him with someone more in touch with the community he should be serving. Of course, they won't. Read more

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Dear Tell All: Your letter writer All Prayed Out felt scared to reveal her identity when complaining about the heavy-handed tactics of Bishop Robert Morlino ("Losing My Religion," 5/25/2012). I, too, must remain anonymous due to the situation of St. Read more

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Dear Tell All: Your letter writer All Prayed Out despaired of authoritarian tactics in the local Catholic diocese and considered staying away from church ("Losing My Religion," 5/25/2012). She's not the only one who would like to see Bishop Robert Mo Read more

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Dear Tell All: I'm reduced to airing my grievances with the local Catholic diocese anonymously. What are my options? Bishop Robert Morlino has made it clear that anyone who respectfully disagrees with him could face dire consequences. Read more

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In a column called "Clarifying the Fairness Issue," Madison bishop Robert Morlino fails to offer clarity on the controversy surrounding Gov. Scott Walker's budget bill. Morlino's essay, published in the Diocese of Madison's Catholic Herald, lacks the Read more


Robert Morlino claims to represent the true church of Jesus Christ. Some local Catholics aren't buying it. Read more

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It's not surprising that Madison Bishop Robert Morlino is livid about news accounts tying Pope Benedict XVI to the protection of pedophile priests in Wisconsin and elsewhere, accounts that have shocked the conscience of people throughout the world. Read more


Bishop Morlino's tenure in Madison has been marked by confrontation, not cooperation. His relationship with the priests and faithful has not been one of "servant to the servants of God" but one of dictator. Read more


The Nov. 3 Wisconsin State Journal quotes Madison Bishop Robert Morlino as saying, regarding the former School of the Americas, now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, "I know for a fact there is no evidence to connect w Read more


Diocese withholds videotape because bishop felt disrespected. Read more


No hymns were sung, no candles lit. It was not exactly a prayer meeting. But Julaine Appling did make clear where, for her, grace lives. Speaking of divorce and the sorrows it brings, she told the gathering, 'If this hasn't touched your family, prais Read more

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