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David Michael Miller

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald began undercutting Tony Evers before the governor even took office. Read more

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David Michael Miller

According to the latest poll, 70 percent of Wisconsin residents want the state to take federal money to expand Medicaid eligibility. But the Assembly speaker is going to “lead” in a different direction. Read more

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After Gov. Tony Evers finished his first budget address, Speaker Robin Vos concluded the session with the words of a petulant teenager: "Thank God we're out of here." Read more

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“We’ve gotten away from who we are and the values that make Wisconsin great,” Gov. Tony Evers declared in his inaugural address. Read more

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Gov. Tony Evers has sought talented, knowledgeable people for his cabinet so that his agencies “provide the best services possible.” Republicans don’t like that. Read more

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For four decades Isthmus has been putting together below-the-belt annual rewards for bad behavior. Not surprisingly, there is never a shortage of material. Read more

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There’s a certain degree of hypocrisy inherent in politics. But with their statements on the lame-duck legislation, Wisconsin Republicans are saying the quiet part out loud. Read more


Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald aren’t just limiting the power of the offices of the governor and attorney general. They’re undermining the basis of our system: that rules should apply equally regardless of who is in office. Read more

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After hours of behind-the-scenes negotiations, Republicans pass lame duck bills to weaken Governor-elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul. Read more

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Allison Geyer

Hundreds of furious citizens showed up for a hearing on a sweeping plan that would strip powers from Gov.-elect Tony Evers, limit early voting and move Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential primary in an effort to help conservatives. Read more

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Democrats ousted Gov. Scott Walker and won five statewide offices on Nov. 6. But Assembly Speaker Robin Vos insists Republicans have the mandate to govern. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Robin Vos appears to be following a Republican playbook in his quest to limit Gov.-elect Tony Evers’ power once in office. The North Carolina Legislature did the same thing in 2016. Read more

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David Michael Miller

In 2005 Leah Vukmir, Sheila Harsdorf and Robin Vos backed a law that prohibits the use of eminent domain to transfer a privately-owned property to a corporation. But now they are silent on Foxconn's land grab in Mount Pleasant. Read more

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David Michael Miller

The Republican Assembly speaker’s travel scandals are only the latest in a long line of abominations. Robin Vos is unfit to be a government leader. Read more



David Michael Miller

Gov. Scott Walker has refused to hold a special election in two districts despite a judge’s court order. Instead, he and his GOP cronies promise to rewrite the law. They will do anything to preserve power. Read more

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David Michael Miller

It’s only childish political grievances between the state’s top three Republican leaders that will prolong the misery at Lincoln Hills. Read more

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David Michael Miller

If you think working for a living is hard, you should try earning tenure at a major research university. Alan Talaga argues that so few tenured faculty get canned because they’ve spent years proving themselves worthy for the job. Read more

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Members of Wisconsin’s Native American tribes come together to protest a bill that would ease protections on sacred burial sites. Read more

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In Wisconsin, 2015 won’t likely be remembered as the best of times. But it was a year when the veneer was stripped away, forcing a more honest assessment, as the state came to terms with itself. Read more