Scott Walker

Republican governor of Wisconsin, elected to a four-year term in 2010; recalled and re-elected in 2012; reelected to a second four-year term in 2014.

It’s that time of year again — Isthmus unloads on deserving targets with this year’s Cheap Shots. Read more

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David Michael Miller

WPR’s Derailed podcast shares a lot about what happened to the proposed high-speed rail link between Milwaukee and Madison. But there’s more to the story. Read more

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David Michael Miller

On top of everything else, Foxconn is getting $117 million for construction of high-voltage power lines and a new substation. Electric ratepayers from around the state will subsidize this project though they will not be benefiting from it. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Both announcements were stunning in their own way. College drop-out Scott Walker was appointed to a prestigious Smithsonian Institution board position and the former gov accepted a job that takes him out of the political arena for six years. Read more

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With slight increases in budget and some marketing schemes in place, there might be hope for renewed arts funding in Wisconsin under Gov. Tony Evers’ administration. Read more

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Wisconsin Republicans once put up a good fight to keep Donald Trump off the 2016 GOP ticket. Now that he’s president, some conservatives fear the state GOP is starting to look more and more Trumpian. Read more

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David Michael Miller

It appears that no one vetted Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn for problems in his past. Hagedorn has been mired in controversy over his extreme views. Read more

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David Michael Miller

As more details come out, it appears that no one in the Walker administration did any research on liquid crystal display fabrication plants or on Terry Gou, the Taiwanese founder and CEO of Foxconn. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Clearly Foxconn was banking on former Gov. Scott Walker to stay in office and make sure it received its unneeded government payout even if it doesn’t meet all the targets. Read more

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After being sworn in as governor, Tony Evers called for Wisconsinites to put “people before politics.” But first, time to polka. Read more

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Art by David Michael Miller

For four decades Isthmus has been putting together below-the-belt annual rewards for bad behavior. Not surprisingly, there is never a shortage of material. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Gov. Scott Walker negotiated a $28 million deal with Kimberly-Clark before signing a bill that takes away the next governor’s power to do exactly the same thing. Read more

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There’s a certain degree of hypocrisy inherent in politics. But with their statements on the lame-duck legislation, Wisconsin Republicans are saying the quiet part out loud. Read more



Dylan Brogan

After hours of behind-the-scenes negotiations, Republicans pass lame duck bills to weaken Governor-elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul. Read more

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David Michael Miller

In April 2020, Wisconsin citizens will vote in the presidential primary and for Supreme Court. But Gov. Scott Walker is angling to separate the two elections in order to tamp down turnout for what could be trouble for his Supreme Court nominee. Read more

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How critical was Dane County turnout to the election of Tony Evers as Wisconsin's next governor? Our map details the dominance of the Democratic vote in the already blue county. Read more



David Michael Miller

The Solidarity Sing Along turned triumphant the day after Democrat Tony Evers defeated Gov. Scott Walker. The group will keep singing until he’s out of office — and possibly after that, too. Read more

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Matthew Norman

The major implication of Tony Evers’ victory over Scott Walker is that the new Democratic governor will force a fair redistricting after the 2020 Census. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Toughened up by a long primary campaign, Tony Evers has rattled off one progressive policy position after another. Gov. Scott Walker, on the other hand, has a history of policy surprises. Read more



Eliot Wyatt

Education is a key issue in the Wisconsin governor’s race. Gov. Scott Walker says Supt. Tony Evers will put “union bosses” back in charge and raise taxes. Evers says schools have suffered under Walker and voters are ready for change. Read more

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