Sean Kennedy


Sean Kennedy

Protesters sat in State Street blocking bus traffic on Monday afternoon to push for economic equality. It’s part of a nationwide effort to improve the lives of the poor. Read more

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John Wolf and Heiner Giese

If the Madison Reunion isn’t lefty enough for you, check out the Radical Perspectives Teach-In. Read more

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Sean Kennedy

The Bucky on Parade public art program unveils 85 decorated Bucky Badger statues all across Madison. See the festivities in this photo gallery. Read more

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Carolyn Fath

Put your knowledge of Madison's beautiful outdoor laboratory to the test with our pop quiz. Read more

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Jeff Miller-UW Madison

Once a farm, almost a subdivision, the UW Arboretum has never been static. Read more

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Todd Hubler

A bill working its way through the state legislature would overhaul the regulatory system for taxicabs, which has traditionally been left to cities and towns. But even cab companies are split on the legislation. Read more

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Carolyn Fath

King Street mainstay Ancora Coffee is moving. But don’t fret, it’s just across the street. Read more

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Art by Jeff Drew

Changes to the Facebook algorithm took a bite out of Isthmus' referral traffic. We'll change and evolve, but we won't pivot to video or lose our focus on local news. Read more



Sean Kennedy

It’s not all like Backdraft. The domestic side of life in a firehouse. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Mayor Paul Soglin joins a host of other Democrats vying for the chance to take on Scott Walker. Read more

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Stories on police settlements and reality stars made our most-read list. Read more



Michael Sullivan

The equipment auction at Oscar Mayer last week was the place to be. Isthmus tags along with Underground Meats’ Jonny Hunter. Read more


Terrence Wall rages against Madison traffic engineering department test on East Mifflin Street, possibly fueling a letter-writing campaign against the city. But officials say opponents have their facts wrong. Read more

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James Netz

After last year’s race was canceled due to lack of snow, the organizers of the country’s largest cross-country ski race aren’t taking any chances. Read more


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Judith Davidoff

The cheesemaker will sell its small-batch specialty cheeses, and build cheese caves to age their creations. They also plan to offer breakfast service, grilled cheese sandwiches and bakery items. Read more

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Gavin Gould

The whole sport of cyclocross is crazy — why would the bike pits be any different? Read more



David Stluka/UW Athletics

Notre Dame may be the home of Rudy, but Wisconsin football is where walk-ons really thrive. Read more

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Sean Kennedy

GIlligan’s Island has a little something for everyone. The Monona sandbar spot even has its own mobile popsicle vendor. Read more



Justin Sprecher

Your VO2 number is how much oxygen you can deliver to your muscles proportional to your bodyweight. It’s some mix of genetics and training — working out can push your number higher, but your genes set the upper limit. Read more



Justin Sprecher

A 55-degree day in March is not a good time to walk onto the ice of Lake Mendota. But for the Madison Fire Department, it’s a perfect opportunity. Read more


  • Bucky-Parade-14.jpg

    Sean Kennedy

    You can find the statues across town through mid-September, when many will be auctioned off to benefit the Madison Area Sports Commission and Garding Against Cancer.

  • Bucky-Parade-13.jpg

    Sean Kennedy

    "Sconnie B. Goode" is covered in Wisconsin memorabilia.

  • Bucky-Parade-12.jpg

    Sean Kennedy

  • Bucky-Parade-11.jpg

    Sean Kennedy

    The crowd gathers at the top of State Street for the reveal of the final statues.

  • Bucky-Parade-10.jpg

    Sean Kennedy

  • Bucky-Parade-9.jpg

    Sean Kennedy

    The final sculpture revealed was Enlightened Bucky, painted head to toe with butterflies, a symbol of learning.