Sexual Assault


Dennis Drenner

Jeannie Vanasco’s memoir, “Things We Didn’t Talk About When I Was a Girl” is complicated, heartwarming and heart-wrenching. In it, she confronts the friend who raped her 14 years prior. Read more



Catherine Zdeblick

Mary Sewell writes a screenplay based on her memories of child sexual assault. The short film, “Let Your Sisters Be,” is designed to be a tool to identify signs of abuse. Read more


The #MeToo movement has targeted harassment and sexual misconduct in the workplace. But when will women be safe in public spaces? Read more



Koko Lee

In secret online forums, women are finding solidarity and protecting themselves by naming the men who have sexually assaulted and harassed them. Read more

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Carolyn Fath

Employees at AlphaGraphics Madison are “disturbed” after discovering that a former coworker was secretly recording them in the women’s bathroom. Read more

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David Michael Miller

When Wisconsin’s attorney general took office in 2015 he knew there was a backlog of more than 6,000 untested rape kits. He did little about it for years and there is still a backlog. Read more

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A groundbreaking new film about a woman coping with the aftermath of sexual assault will have its Wisconsin premiere on April 19 at the Orpheum. Read more


A chilling 12,000-word story about a serial rapist nabbed in 2011 is generating national buzz. One of the rape victims was pressured by police to recant. The same thing happened in Madison in late 1997. Read more

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Lauren Justice

A fierce thunderstorm last Thursday night didn’t dampen the resolve of thousands of activists who mobilized to protest sexual violence after a brutal Sept. 12 rape. But for longtime anti-violence advocates, the fight started long ago. Read more



David Michael Miller

A new book by Jon Krakauer attacks the problem of “date rape” at its core. Read more


The governor has said he doesn’t care whether the Legislature sends him a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy with exceptions for rape or incest. Read more

Citizen Dave

Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget ends the requirement for UW System schools to report sexual assaults to the state, at the request of UW System officials, who already report the information to the federal government. Read more


Here's a sampling of letters I got in response to "A Sexual Assault Sham" (11/4/11), in which a letter writer named Give a Guy a Break questioned a local woman's sexual assault allegation against Ald. Brian Solomon. Her side of the story was printed Read more

Tell All

Dear Tell All: Maybe it's because I'm a man, but I'm outraged by the recent headlines about Madison Ald. Brian Solomon. A female city employee accused Solomon of sexually assaulting her. Read more

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Mary Langenfeld

A federal appellate court has granted a new trial to Madison businessman Gordon "Gordy" Sussman, convicted in 2005 of multiple counts of child molestation and possession of child pornography. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, in a decision releas Read more


I usually try not to stray too far outside of Wisconsin politics, but this is just too abhorrent to ignore: House Republicans are currently trying to pass H.R. 3, the so-called "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act." In addition to the whole thing be Read more

Emily's Post

What follows is a letter of apology and commendation sent March 15, 2004, by Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard to a Madison woman named Patty, against whom his office previously filed a criminal charge for making a false report of sexual Read more

From the archives

Thanks to some excellent reporting by a collaborative effort between the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Reporting and the UW's Journalism School, the issue of sexual assault on campus -- and how it's dealt with (or not) -- was brought to light ye Read more

Emily's Post

Further evidence, if any were needed, that rape victims maybe ought to just keep their mouths shut comes in the form of the Dane County District Attorney's official response to Lorraine Cook. Read more