Allison Geyer

They aren't kidding when they say SloPig is designed to bring an "overwhelming amount" of heritage pork and locally crafted culinary items together under one roof. Cole Ersel of Wolf Peach in Milwaukee won the audience favorite vote. more


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    Allison Geyer

    Roasted porchetta, caramelized apple, shallot jam and aioli, with a pickle: Comfort food from Madison Club chef Andrew Wilson.

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    Allison Geyer

    Smoking Goose, an Indiana "meatery" specializing in cured pork products, served sausage, morradella, and salame piccante -- all seam-butchered and hand-tied without nitrates.

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    Allison Geyer

    Madison Club chef Andrew Wilson's sugar and spice chicharrones with caramel apple mole sauce put a sweet and tangy spin on the traditional fried pork skin.