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Madison rejected two ideas — a zipline and a public restroom — for activating the top of State Street and curbing bad behavior. Read more

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Warby Parker’s State Street storefront brings reality to virtual eyewear. Gone are the days of the pressure of the optometrist’s office. Read more


The developer has tweaked the design of a proposed State Street hotel enough to win approval from Madison’s Landmarks Commission. Read more

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Sean Kennedy

Protesters sat in State Street blocking bus traffic on Monday afternoon to push for economic equality. It’s part of a nationwide effort to improve the lives of the poor. Read more

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Does a hotel proposal for the 100 block of State Street revive a neglected block or set a dangerous precedent on height limits? Opinions vary. Read more

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Dylan Brogan

Eyes in the sky: Madison is installing a bunch of new passive-infrared cameras to track pedestrians downtown. Read more

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Provenance Hotels proposes a high-end nine-story hotel with 110 to 120 rooms, two bars and restaurants and a rooftop terrace. But the facility would provide no parking and would need special city exceptions to zoning regulations. Read more

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How Madison deals with crime, homelessness and sharing community space still a tough balancing act at the top of State Street. Read more

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Todd Hubler

Tiki Shack adds sliders and more to its menu. The revamp is in response to a city audit over the volume of its alcohol sales. Read more

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A boutique hotel proposed for the top of State Street hopes to use a nearby city ramp for parking. But it is just one of several developments looking to use the same ramp, prompting fears that there won’t be enough parking downtown. Read more

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Chris Winterhack

Phantogram preforms at the Orpheum Theater on Mar. 13, 2017. With The Veldt. Read more

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Anita Sattel

As the owner of B-Side recovers from a serious bike accident, donations are pouring in to a crowdfunding campaign to keep the shoestring operation open. Read more



Thomas DeVillers

Community Pharmacy continues to struggle, renewing fears about the health of downtown retail. A new consultant study offers some ideas for how city officials might help boost business. Read more



Cameron Bren

Every summer, a few self-proclaimed “dirty kids” show up in Madison to enjoy the city’s tolerant, laid-back atmosphere. Just who are these people, and what are they up to? Cameron Bren investigates. Read more



David Michael Miller

Mayor Paul Soglin says the homeless tidying up their belongings on State Street will help curb more serious issues. Read more

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A police brainstorming list for how to deal with problems at the top of State Street became “a poor attempt at a joke." Read more

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Carolyn Fath

If you’ve strolled down the 100 block of State Street in the past year, the city has quietly counted you. The city’s two thermal imaging cameras (which cost about $12,000) were installed to help recruit and retain retail shops. Read more



Dylan Brogan

Lotsa Pizza is the latest salvo in battle between Soglin and Common Council on State Street alcohol licenses Read more

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Dylan Brogan

While police have been cracking down on “bad behavior” at the top of State Street this summer, Edgewood High student Brian Schwartz has been swinging in a hammock just down the block. Read more