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James Heimer

The Dane County District Attorney’s Office used to be a plum job for prosecutors in the state. But many judges, attorneys and others say the office is struggling under Ismael Ozanne. Turnover is high, cases are getting tossed and morale is low. Read more

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Daniel Ojeda

Local funksters steez release a confident and danceable fifth album, “Last Night.” The tunes are accessible, and allow all five talented members to shine. Read more



Steve Spaeni

Access Ability Wisconsin helps get outdoor enthusiasts with limited mobility back into nature. It’s all with the aid of an all-terrain outdoor wheelchair. Read more

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Antoine McNeail comes from a “family of comedians,” but he’s the only one who gets up in front of an audience. The laid-back standup comic is gaining a following at his regular shows at the VFW club. Read more



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Madison’s Braille Library & Transcription Service teaches the sighted to produce Braille so the blind can read. Braille remains a crucial tool even in the days of audio transcriptions. Read more



Steven Potter

P.O.W.E.R.S. is a new Madison group that supports those having abortions and offers info on options from carrying a pregnancy to term to ending a pregnancy. It’s a new option for those with no personal support network. Read more

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Although relatively new to the scene, Madison’s Lil Guillotine keeps busy creating his own brand of fiery rap, on topics from abolishing ICE to climate change. He plays Art In on Jan. 26. Read more



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The Social Justice Center hopes the renovation of its building on Williamson Street will make it more of a community resource. Read more



Koko Lee

In secret online forums, women are finding solidarity and protecting themselves by naming the men who have sexually assaulted and harassed them. Read more

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Graay Photos

Lucien Parker, the Minneapolis-born rapper and Madison resident, releases an emotionally open and deft new EP, “Mephoria.” Read more



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A DJ-focused record store on the east side has a new space. Jiggy Jamz owner Geoffrey Kaster is finally achieving his dream of a tangible, in-person record-buying experience for DJs at every level. Read more


A bizarre endorsement from Eminem in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District was too good to be true. Read more



Lauren Justice

For Andrea Johnson, Madison is an inescapable reminder that her son, Tony Robinson, was killed by police. In June, she is moving to California to get away from the ugly memories the city evokes. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Rep. Melissa Sargent has proposed two gun control bills, including one that would give families and police a mechanism for removing guns from people they fear will harm themselves or others. That proposal even has some Republicans on board. Read more



Lara Kastner

Where Isthmus reviewers — and Madison — have been eating and drinking since the last “Dining” special section. Here’s our summary of the scene. Read more

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Andrew Scoles insisted he had information about Brittany Zimmermann’s murder. Recently unsealed documents show he was trying to reach a deal with the Dane County District Attorney to share it. Prosecutors appeared uninterested. Now Scoles is dead. Read more



Bill Phelps

A timeline exploring the life and career of Dessa, the shape-shifting philosopher-poet-songwriter who’s in Madison March 30. Read more



Eric Tadsen

Electro-pop artist Emilie Brandt opens up about being bisexual and bipolar in her latest album. The former Madisonian plays The Frequency on March 23. Read more



Steven Potter

The old Red Letter News changes from “dirty bookstore” to “Lovers Playground.” The name change reflects the era’s more open attitude to sexuality. Read more



Madison Fire Department

A worker was stuck under a train car following an explosion at a corn processing plant in Cambria. It was a seemingly hopeless situation. Luckily, the Madison Fire Department’s Heavy Urban Rescue Team trains for exactly these types of catastrophe. Read more

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    Steven Potter

    Board president Patricia Herrling, left, and vice president Constance Risjord hold the products of the transcription service’s work.

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    Steven Potter

    Nina Reynolds (left), Ashley Hartmann Annis and Ingrid Andersson: Community makes a big difference when having an abortion.

  • news-soc-justice-ctr_crStevenPotter01172019.jpg

    Steven Potter

    Stephanie Rearick: “Our goal is to reopen the building to the public so it can become more of a source of life in the neighborhood.”

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    Steven Potter

    Jiggy Jamz owner Geoffrey Kaster has a new space with a lot more visibility and space for his 6,000-plus mostly dance-oriented albums.

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