Taylor Eason

Churning out pithy wine descriptors is no easy task. Some critics don't even do them, since fashioning creative imageries becomes overwhelming. But it has to be the same for critics in other areas, especially music critics. How does one describe something that can only be heard? At least I have three senses to play with: sight, smell and taste. So, I thought, why not match up the two genres and see what happens? more

Isthmus Dining

Bag-in-a-box wine ' or 'cask' ' is far superior as a method for all of the above. Yes, it's designed for everyday drinking wine, and there haven't been too many experiments with aging wine in a cask, but it's certainly effective when it comes to maintaining freshness. And since more than 90% of wine is created to be consumed within the first two years after bottling, what's the big deal if casks don't age wine well? Hell, 99% of people I know crack it open when they get home. more