Christopher Healey

Thanksgiving in a restaurant is the best of both worlds. Turkey and often a lot more, and no dirty dishes. A roundup of Madison-area options for 2018. Read more

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Madison chefs share their go-to holiday recipes for different diets. Gluten-free, vegan, protein-hungry? No problem. Read more

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Wallace West

You can go home again! Just be prepared. Our advice columnist offers sneaky strategies for a stress-free holiday. Read more

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My family has sneered at me since I gave up meat at UW-Madison Read more

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Stephanie Hofmann

Local CSA farmers take a break on Turkey day, but they often bring a dish to pass. Recipes from Vitruvian, Crossroads Community Farm and Los Jalapenos. Read more

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Not only does Donald Trump’s business experience not prepare him for the presidency, but it’s actually a significant disadvantage. There’s over two centuries of democratic institutions, practices, protocols and the wiliness of bureaucrats to overcome Read more

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Stephanie Hofmann

Give thanks for restaurants on turkey day. Letting professionals cook results in a carefree day and a lot more entree options. Read more

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Jennifer Leaver

Discover a new Thanksgiving tradition. Seven Madison chefs share their favorite recipes: duck confit stuffing, jambalaya, a boozy pudding and more. Read more

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For Thanksgiving, think light. The meal is big, and it's often a slog, lasting for hours. What you're looking for is something to lift you along through the green bean casserole and inevitable uncomfortable political conversations. Read more



Jay Rath

Everyone knows the story. In the 1600s, starving European immigrants were rescued with gifts of food from Native Americans, with whom they joined to give thanks. Except this Thanksgiving story didn't happen near Plymouth Rock. It happened here. Read more

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If you are willing to be a bit flexible, it is possible to make all the trappings of a delicious holiday feast without actually turning on the oven. Read more

Isthmus Giving

Beer and Thanksgiving are intrinsically linked in the settlement of this country -- the Pilgrims had beer on the Mayflower -- so why not serve local beers on your holiday table? Read more