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Madison icon Sly Sylvester has lost his progressive talk radio show on WEKZ-FM, and will now become a DJ. It’s another blow for progressive radio in Madison, after a format change last week on 92.1 The Mic. more

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Madison’s liberals not only lost at the polls this week — they also lost the progressive talk station, 92.1 FM The Mic. The station is currently broadcasting Christmas music. more

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Devil’s Advocate Radio co-hosts Mike Crute and Dom Salvia announced Tuesday that their contract with The Mic 92.1 will be canceled in about a week. more

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Air America declared bankruptcy today and will immediately cease its broadcasts of progressive talk radio. That necessitates schedule-shuffling at Clear Channel Madison's The Mic 92.1 FM, which broadcast several programs syndicated through Air Americ more

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Madison's Air America affiliate, The Mic 92.1, is in better shape today than it was when he began as its program director. Brian Turany takes pride in that. "I think the last four years on a whole were pretty successful," says Turany. more

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In response to the recent dropping of the Thom Hartmann show and departure of local morning host Lee Rayburn from The Mic 92.1 FM, a group of concerned listeners came together to discuss the future of the station. more

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Lee Rayburn has not commented publicly on whether his decision to leave the station was prompted by the dropping of Hartmann's show. I did, however, speak to him about the flurry of changes at The Mic, and his departure in general. more

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Air America fans probably won't like this piece much. Last year, when Clear Channel tried to replace Madison's Air America affiliate, more than 5,000 people signed a petition to save it. Hundreds attended a rally at the High Noon Saloon. more

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