Jonathan J Miner

An all-female cast delivers a magnificent, sly take on an explorer story in Strollers Theatre’s “Men on Boats.” Read more

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Kat's Photography

Madison Savoyards deliver a wonderful double bill, with “Pineapple Poll” and “Trial by Jury.” The students from Central Midwest Ballet Academy provided the delightful dancing. Read more



Jonathan J. Miner

Payton Cardella does a stellar job playing a neuro-atypical protagonist in Strollers Theatre’s “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.” Read more



Max Wendt

“Fish Fry” is a zany new opera set in a Wisconsin supper club. It’s a co-production of TAPIT and Fresco Opera Theatre opening May 23. Read more



Hillary Schave

Opera for the Young has been taking one of the stuffiest music genres into schools since 1970. The organization doesn’t just perform the art, it makes the kids part of the show. Read more


Leaders of Children’s Theater of Madison and Madison Youth Choirs are ecstatic about the $20 million pledge from Pleasant Rowland that will launch the state-of-the-art Madison Youth Arts Center. Read more

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Liz Lauren

American Players Theatre’s “Engaging Shaw” proves it’s hard to love a literary genius. But it’s sure easy to love James Ridge and Colleen Madden, the real-life couple portraying the sparring lovers. Read more


When it comes to the arts, Madison keeps upping the ante. Our arts writers help you narrow it down with their picks for the most promising events in theater, comedy, dance, visual art and classical music. Read more

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Joseph Blough

Mercury Players Theatre closes out its season with a revival of its 1997 hit "Temps! The Musical!" The subject matter is still relevant, but the production fails to engage. Read more



Kat Stiennon

Capitol City Theatre’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” features remarkable performances and a deeply resonant message. Read more


Madison’s summer theater ranges from failed movie revamps to blockbusters like 1776. Which could be the next best thing to tickets for Hamilton. Read more

Isthmus Summertimes


American Players Theater

Isthmus theater critic Gwendolyn Rice talks to American Players Theatre artistic director Brenda DeVita about crafting a blockbuster summer/fall season. Read more



Jason Compton

"A Place in the Woods" employs an innovative set, but the kitchen-sink family drama fails to cover new ground. Read more


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Beau Meyer

University Theater’s production of “The Laramie Project” features a strong cast and kinetic staging. But the script from Tectonic Theater Project makes a misstep by demonizing the press and casting the theater artists as heroes. Read more


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Matthew Murphy

Despite a paper-thin plot, the dance and the visuals rule the touring production of “An American in Paris,” at Overture Hall through March 4. Read more



Jonathan J. Miner

Would you rather your daughter fall in love with a Republican or a tree? The play “Arborophilia” turns that fun idea into a slog. Read more



Tom Klingele

Children’s Theater of Madison presents a magical regional premiere of the musical “Tuck Everlasting.” The cast is led by a luminous Malea Niesen, playing a homebound girl seeking adventure. Read more



Ross Zentner

If you like “Black Mirror” (without the creepy parts) and “Groundhog Day” (because it’s the best), you’ll want to snatch up a ticket for “Constellations,” the latest offering from one of Madison’s finest theater companies. Read more


Although it was created in just one week, Are We Delicious’ “Puss in Boots” has energy and polish to spare. Read more

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Exit Strategy-crRossZentner-01202018 3.jpg

Ross Zentner

Winning performances combine to boost Forward’s production of “Exit Strategy” into an instant audience favorite. Read more