Tim Wong


Gregory Humphrey at Caffeinated Politics

How will having cars traversing a new driveway onto Jenifer increase safety for the pedestrians and bicyclists who currently use the bike path into the property, or for those who walk down the sidewalk, including kids walking to Marquette School down the street? It's ironic that the co-op is encouraging more car traffic, at a time when more people are aware of the realities of peak oil and climate change. The reality is that if you make it easier to drive, more people will drive. more


The city of Madison currently faces three separate but related decisions on transportation, each with long-ranging consequences. These issues are: 1) the need for a downtown multi-modal transit facility; 2) the location of the high-speed rail terminal; and 3) the composition and goals of the Regional Transit Authority (RTA). more


Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz has demanded that bus fares be raised to $2 a ride. The Transit and Parking Commission, whose duty it is to set fares, has twice said no. Initially, the TPC voted 7-2 to keep fares the same as now ($1.50). Subsequently, in a compromise move, it voted 5-4 to raise fares to $1.75. The mayor, having not gotten his way, wants the city council to override the TPC. more