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Southern Maryland Rapid Transit

Madison city staff contemplates how to route Bus Rapid Transit through downtown, including whether the system should go around the Square and down State Street. Read more

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David Michael Millerchael Miller

Will e-bikes and electric scooters get more people out of their cars, reduce climate-changing pollution and make us all healthier? Or will they wreak chaos on city streets and overrun quiet recreational areas? Either way, change is coming. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway is proposing a $40 wheel tax on car registrations in order to fund her transit plans and plug holes in her overall budget. Read more

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Ride-sharing services are booming and electric cars are dropping in price. Zerology wants to combine the two to help fight climate change. Read more



Morey Airplane Co.

Middleton residents are concerned the “Good Neighbor” city’s airport will become a corporate jet hub. But officials say the city is just studying options on how to keep the public airfield viable. Read more

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Scooters are either a salvation for urban transportation or a curse on city streets and sidewalks. Madison officials hope a scooter pilot project in Milwaukee can offer some guidance for how to regulate them here. Read more



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Under the proposed legislation, electric bikes would be afforded the same responsibilities and privileges as other bikes — meaning they would be allowed on paved bike paths, gravel state trails or off-road single track. Read more

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Wisconsin’s roads are a mess and the state badly needs to invest in public transit. But first it needs to find a way to raise tax revenue. A messy work-around concocted by Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee might just do the trick. Read more

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Former Mayor Paul Soglin and Dane County Executive Joe Parisi argued for months over the reconstruction of Buckeye Road. Satya Rhodes-Conway was able to reach an agreement during the two weeks she was mayor-elect. What changed? Read more



David Michael Miller

Something as deceptively simple as an additional bus garage could shape Madison’s future for decades to come. Read more

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David Michael Miller

In January, Madison began banning moped and scooter parking on city sidewalks and terraces. Although some downtown blocks had become cluttered with the motorbikes, critics say the ban has effectively outlawed mopeds in Madison. Read more

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There’s no developer or buyer yet, but city officials are contemplating what could be done with the Voit farm and several nearby properties, which are either up for sale or are unused. Read more

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The planned reconstruction of Winnebago Street in 2019 is once again pitting local residents against Madison’s lofty bike goals. The Common Council will weigh competing proposals on May 1. Read more

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David Michael Miller

There was little media attention last month when the Dane County Board quietly passed a new wheel tax. It’s a big subsidy from Madison residents to those who live in rural areas. Read more

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Carolyn Fath

David Prosser has been retired from the Wisconsin Supreme Court for nearly a year. A former legislator, he’s now looking deeper into state policy issues and some matters that came before him on the court. Read more

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Carolyn Fath

Gov. Scott Walker and Senate Republicans want to borrow money to plug the transportation funding gap; Speaker Robin Vos wants to raise revenue. Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser offers his five-step plan for breaking the impasse. Read more

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David Michael Miller

This time it’s not even the Republicans against the Democrats. It’s the Republicans against the Republicans. Polarized politics are now threatening our lives. Read more

Citizen Dave

The city purchased land in the High Point-Raymond neighborhood and constructed a multi-purpose path connecting the Jeffy Trail dead-end to the Ice Age Junction Path. Now the city is intent on destroying that public space over neighborhood opposition. Read more

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Citizen Dave, whose day job is executive director of the Wisconsin Bike Fed, makes a shameless plug for the group’s April 20 conference on self-driving cars. Read more

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Joe Tarr

Although a lot of people travel to and from Madison on intercity buses, there still isn’t a decent place to wait for them. The numerous private companies who serve the city continue to drop off and pick up on a public sidewalk. Read more

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