David Michael Miller

The Republican Assembly speaker’s travel scandals are only the latest in a long line of abominations. Robin Vos is unfit to be a government leader. Read more

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For the last two years, Madison-based food tourism company Eat Smart Tours didn’t offer their signature trip to Turkey because of political unrest. This year, they’re doing a tour to nearby Jordan, which offers similar flavors and fewer risks. Read more



David Michael Miller

Ruth Conniff has long promised to take her kids to a Spanish-speaking country. For reasons both personal and political, she says the time is right to spend a year in Oaxaca. Read more

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In honor of 4/20, here’s a handy travel guide for the serious toker of places to travel, near and far, to enjoy some legal marijuana. Read more

Democracy in Crisis

Madison’s Rainforest Biodiversity Group has created a Costa Rican ecotourism route. It saves habitat, creates jobs and enables North Americans to see rare species. Read more



David Michael Miller

A few thoughts from our recent 10-day stay in Europe: Americans worry too much about safety. Scarce parking is good for cities. Good urbanism is good for public health. Read more

Citizen Dave 2 Comments

Madison-centric tips for carefree vacation packing this summer. Read more



Todd Herbst

Madison has a new b-and-b, named after UW-Madison mascot Buckingham U. Badger, aka Bucky. You might expect it to be full of rah-rah spirit, and there is some of that, but it primarily displays a stunning, Arts and Crafts-style restoration. Read more



Mary Bergin

Between the four short blocks that separate Colorado's only basilica from the State Capitol, I find Good Chemistry. Behind the frosted glass door is an immediate whiff of "green travel," Denver-style. Read more

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Eloisa F. Callender

For many Americans, Cuba is the forbidden fruit that has remained off-limits thanks to a decades-old trade embargo. The veil was lifted last year when the U.S. government granted licenses to a few companies to offer "people-to-people" programs... Read more

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Ruth Young

Ara Lucia Ashburne rolled into Madison on her Piaggio after a long day's ride through the Midwest. With 26 days and well over 1,500 miles behind her, the bed and breakfast on the fringe of Madison's north-east side was a welcome sight. Read more

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Andrew Kasper

There is no better way to experience the local countryside than by loading up the camping gear and pedaling the Military Ridge State Trail out to Blue Mound State Park. You can travel all the way from Madison to Blue Mound without ever riding... Read more

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Andrew Kasper

"People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home," said Ukrainian philosopher Dagobert D. Runes. Read more

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Andrew Kasper

We kick off a series dedicated to overnight car-free camping trips by visiting Lake Farm Park, a gem located within biking or boating distance just south of the Beltline near Lake Waubesa. Read more

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Every year, fewer people seem to be at work between Christmas and New Year's. With school out of session, it's a time geared to family getaways - but since it's one of the busiest times of the year to fly, you might want to look close to home. Read more

Isthmus Giving

Three Madisonians have spent the last two years gradually widening that circle themselves with a series of volunteering trips. Read more

Isthmus Giving