Andy Manis

From holding Maya Angelou’s grocery bags to overseeing a multimillion dollar renovation, Ralph Russo has seen a lot in his 35 years with the Wisconsin Union Theater — 17 of them spent as director. Read more

A & E


Aaron Williams

Designed by Arthur Peabody, UW-Madison’s Field House is one of the university’s signature buildings. It’s getting a much-needed renovation, as campus officials hope to “dress up” this entry to campus. Read more

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Anna Gustafson

A small seed of an idea — “Teach kids to cook” — has grown into an important campus-community partnership between Slow Food UW and community groups in South Madison. Read more



James Heimer

UW Health and School of Medicine and Public Health need a “major culture change” if they’re going to move their world class research into drugs and treatments that will save lives, a recent study argues. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Foxconn is purchasing a building on the Capitol Square to make it easier for disgruntled taxpayers to show their outrage over the state’s botched deal with the Taiwanese manufacturer. Read more

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David Michael Miller

As the cost of a college education continues to grow, some UW-Madison students find the cost of living in dorms to be the real culprit. Read more



Rick Langer

The Pro Arte Quartet explores the work of Moisey Weinberg, a Polish Jew who fled Warsaw for Russia during World War II and became a protege of Dmitri Shostakovich. Read more



Pat Fry

John Sharpless, the conservative history professor, compares going against the liberal grain at UW-Madison to “pooping in the pool.” But after his retirement last December, many people will miss him. He’ll be honored at a private party March 26. Read more

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Victoria Davis

Bitter cold, six inches of snow and 10 mph winds — for the Wisconsin Hoofers, it’s the perfect time to go snowkiting on Lake Mendota Read more



Christopher Diaz

The inaugural Black Arts Matter Festival aims to bring together creatives from campus and community, says organizer Shasparay Lighteard, a UW-Madison First Wave scholar. Read more



Beau Meyer

Despite some sound engineering issues, a joint production of University Opera and University Theatre produces a marvelous talent showcase with “Into the Woods.” Read more



Sharlen Moore

For the fifth annual social justice conference, UW-Madison’s School of Social Work wanted to hear from people who know the social work system better than anyone — the people who grew up in it. Read more




In the early 1990s, famed UW biochemist Hector DeLuca was accused of improperly using other scientists’ research in developing drugs that earned millions for WARF. A new court ruling echoes those earlier charges. Read more



Matthew Laznicka

If humans are going to explore deep space, they need to figure out how to grow food there. UW-Madison’s Simon Gilroy is doing ground-breaking research in gardening in space. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories


Shawn Harper

Despite a scaled-back ballet season, Madison still had plenty of dance performances that challenged and delighted Isthmus dance critic Katie Reiser. Read more



Jim Mayfield

UW-Madison’s WARF was founded in 1925 to help bring ground breaking research to the market. But it’s fallen behind the times and desperately needs to change. Erik Iverson has a plan. Read more

Isthmus Cover Stories

JKX Comics started as friends drawing in a bar. Now a group of UW scientists is creating comics that illustrate complicated scientific concepts. Read more

Visual Arts


Angela Richardson

Stuart Flack, UW-Madison’s current interdisciplinary artist-in-residence, helps students explore new ways of presenting information to audiences with a performance titled “Data Vaudevilles. Read more



Lauren Justice

UW-Madison created the country’s first art glass lab in 1961. Inside where the furnace burns a fiery 2,250-degrees Fahrenheit, “assume any metal surface could be hot.” Read more

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To continue to exist, free speech needs to come with a big dose of tolerance. Read more

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  • Arts-BarbataLauraAnderson-BrooklynJumbies2-crBryceRichter-04302015.jpg

    Bryce Richter - UW-Madison

    Dancers in a workshop hosted by Laura Anderson Barbata prepare for STRUT!

  • Arts-BarbataLauraAnderson-BrooklynJumbies-crBryceRichter-4x3-04302015.jpg

    Bryce Richter / UW-Madison

    The Brooklyn Jumbies workshop in Lathrop Hall at UW-Madison, Feb. 28, 2015.