Cinematheque’s extra special spring 2020 lineup includes a rare screening of the 7 ½ hour “Sátántangó” about the fall of communism in Hungary, and a 3-D look at legendary choreographer Merce Cunningham. Read more


It’s that time of year again — Isthmus unloads on deserving targets with this year’s Cheap Shots. Read more

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War, disease and science all collide in “Staggering Losses,” a comprehensive historical exhibit at the Ebling Library in UW-Madison’s Health Sciences Learning Center. Read more

A & E


Bryce Richter/UW-Madison

Traveling 4 miles per hour and carrying up to 20 pounds, 30 food-delivery robots are roaming UW-Madison, learning the campus and communicating with each other. Read more



Benjamin Hopkins

University Opera’s wildly entertaining production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” sets the frothy comedy in Andy Warhol’s Factory. Read more



Victoria Davis

UW-Madison scientists and graffiti-style artists collaborate on five vibrant and educational murals in the Madison area. Read more

Visual Arts



There are just two more chances to see the astonishing dance-theater-video collaboration designed by UW-Madison’s Peggy Choy. “FLIGHT torn like a rose” brings to life a 12th century Sufi poem in resplendent costumes. Read more


Union organizer turned author Jane McAlevey lays out a strong case for how organized labor can save democracy in her forthcoming book, “A Collective Bargain: Unions, Organizing, and the Fight for Democracy.” Read more




UW-Madison’s Hamel Music Center will celebrate its grand opening this weekend. But first, some fine tuning happened. Even this was better with an audience. Read more



Roger Turner

Glenn Silber, one of the directors of the groundbreaking “The War at Home,” visits Madison for a special screening of the restored documentary Oct. 13 at the Orpheum Theater. Read more



Philip Ashby

With state-of-the art acoustics and visual treats everywhere the new Hamel Music Center is a crown jewel for the UW-Madison campus. And, no thanks to the Wisconsin legislature, it was all built from private donations. Read more


“Intersections: Indigenous Textiles of the Americas” showcases intricate and culturally significant art. It’s at the Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery in the School of Human Ecology, which houses a magnificent collection. Read more

Visual Arts

There are a lot of college rankings out these days. But one thing is clear: increasing public investment in our public’s universities would be in everyone’s best interest Read more

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WHS 34547

UW-Madison was built on land where the Ho-Chunk people lived for at least 12,000 years before white settlers forced them out. The university is trying to acknowledge this painful history with the Our Shared Future endeavor. Read more

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WARF has cut ties with its award-winning investment officer, Carrie Thome. The move raises questions about what’s happening behind the scenes with UW’s patenting and licensing operation. Read more



New Day Films

There are few facilities like this anywhere in the country, and even fewer that never charge admission. So why don’t more people take advantage of the films shown by Cinematheque? Read more

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Andy Manis

From holding Maya Angelou’s grocery bags to overseeing a multimillion dollar renovation, Ralph Russo has seen a lot in his 35 years with the Wisconsin Union Theater — 17 of them spent as director. Read more

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Aaron Williams

Designed by Arthur Peabody, UW-Madison’s Field House is one of the university’s signature buildings. It’s getting a much-needed renovation, as campus officials hope to “dress up” this entry to campus. Read more

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Anna Gustafson

A small seed of an idea — “Teach kids to cook” — has grown into an important campus-community partnership between Slow Food UW and community groups in South Madison. Read more



James Heimer

UW Health and School of Medicine and Public Health need a “major culture change” if they’re going to move their world class research into drugs and treatments that will save lives, a recent study argues. Read more

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  • Arts-BarbataLauraAnderson-BrooklynJumbies2-crBryceRichter-04302015.jpg

    Bryce Richter - UW-Madison

    Dancers in a workshop hosted by Laura Anderson Barbata prepare for STRUT!

  • Arts-BarbataLauraAnderson-BrooklynJumbies-crBryceRichter-4x3-04302015.jpg

    Bryce Richter / UW-Madison

    The Brooklyn Jumbies workshop in Lathrop Hall at UW-Madison, Feb. 28, 2015.