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David Michael Miller

From 2007 to 2017 the average debt of Wisconsin’s college graduates increased nearly 50 percent. And more than half — 64 percent — of Wisconsin’s students left with debt. Read more

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David Michael Miller

The gutting of the liberal arts at UW-Stevens Point is another result of the Republican mismanagement of the UW System. Read more

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The Republican-controlled Legislature has stripped funding from UW-Madison for years, so it figures that, politically, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank needed to find private funding to cover tuition for lower-income Wisconsin families. Read more

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David Michael Miller

The Board of Regents has approved a major restructuring of the University of Wisconsin System, proposed by UW System president Ray Cross. The plan includes moving WPR and WPT from the UW Extension and into Cross’ office. That should not happen. Read more

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If the Senate’s tax reform goes into effect, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank estimates the school would have to pay taxes on $1-2 million in revenue each year, reducing the amount it spends on scholarships for low-income students. Read more



David Michael Miller

Progressives across the country are decrying the free speech policy recently passed by the UW System regents. But they should take note: Disruptive protests help the recruiting efforts of the alt-right. Read more

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David Michael Miller

The University of Wisconsin System regents have been on a roll. The members, almost all of whom have been appointed by the governor, have recently changed the hiring practices for top administrators and restricted student speech on campus. Read more

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While the electorate isn’t too happy about freezing funds for transportation or K-12 schools, the UW System tuition freeze remains popular. A future Democratic gubernatorial candidate could capitalize on this. Read more

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David Michael Miller

A group of UW-Madison’s most prominent alumni and supporters has formed to lobby state government on behalf of the university. We can’t tell you who they are yet, but it’s basically the Avengers of higher education advocacy. Read more

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David Michael Miller

If you think working for a living is hard, you should try earning tenure at a major research university. Alan Talaga argues that so few tenured faculty get canned because they’ve spent years proving themselves worthy for the job. Read more

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Gov. Scott Walker said in a statement that the university should not be about protecting the interests of the faculty, but about delivering value and excellent to Wisconsin. Aren’t those two linked? Read more

Citizen Dave


David Michael Miller

I don’t disagree with the no-confidence vote against UW System President Ray Cross. But he has few options, given the short leash Republican leaders keep him on. Read more



David Michael Miller

A no-confidence vote in Ray Cross and the Board of Regents will have no more political fallout than saying nothing, and it has the added advantage of being true. Even in this cynical season, there’s still some hope that in the end truth will matter. Read more

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Jennifer Leaver

When Tommy Thompson was governor, he sang the praises of the UW, welcomed its experts to the Capitol and spearheaded a massive university expansion. Those days are long gone. Read more

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Jeff Miller/UW-Madison

UW Chancellor Ray Cross has a difficult job. But in his latest move, the cancellation of briefings on UW System budget cuts, he put raw politics or political calculation ahead of a search for the truth. Read more

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The UW Board of Regents approved a new tenure policy that gives administrators more power to terminate faculty because of economic concerns. Some faculty fear the policy could put the university on a “list of shame” among institutes of higher ed. Read more



David Michael Miller

The jobs skills gap is often blamed for Wisconsin lagging behind the rest of the Midwest in economic growth. But a new study finds that politicians and educators don’t understand what skills employers are actually looking for. Read more


Stevens Point cross country coach Donn Behnke pens a memorable story with “The Animal Keepers.” Read more



Bryce Richter/UW-Madison photos

There’s a lot of bad blood between people who play a role in our higher education system. Community outreach efforts that are truly statewide could help mend some of those relationships. Read more

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UW professor Sara Goldrick-Rab has been chastised for telling the truth, while others telling lies have been labeled “brave.” Read more

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