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Throughout November, the work of veterans will be featured at 11 venues throughout the city as part of a month-long exposition. Coordinator Yvette Pino says she hopes the works will spark conversations on the role of the military and treatment of vet more

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“Women at War: Warrior Songs Vol. 2” is an important and heartfelt album sharing the stories of female military veterans. The album release party is at High Noon Saloon on Nov. 10. more

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Valor on Washington would offer 64 affordable housing units, with a special focus on women veterans and veterans with children. It would be the largest development of this type in the country. more



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Unlike its controversial monuments, Confederate Rest cemetery, which houses the graves of more than 100 Confederate soldiers, was a unifying force. more

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Madison musician Jason Moon has released “If You Have to Ask...Warrior Songs Vol. 1,” an album based on songs and stories from 42 veterans. It’s a powerful testament to war’s toll on the mental health of people serving in the Armed Forces. more


A new documentary explores the mental health crisis among America’s veterans — and how the current system is failing them. more


Playwright Nick Schweitzer based his new play, “Returning Home,” on true stories from U.S. war veterans. The play opens Aug. 19 at the Bartell Theatre. more



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How can writer stay true to his anti-war beliefs yet keep the peace with ranting relative. more

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The 2011 Wisconsin uprising sparked a friendship between U.S. veterans Lars Prip and David Soumis. Ever since, they’ve maintained a steady, quiet presence at the state Capitol. more



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War correspondent Dickey Chapelle evaded snipers and jumped with paratroopers to capture photographs from World War II and Vietnam. A new book, Dickey Chapelle Under Fire, highlights her extraordinary career. more



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A Q&A with Doug Bradley and Craig Werner, authors of “We Gotta Get Out of This Place: The Soundtrack of the Vietnam War.” more



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Homeless and in poor health, Tom Hasting wanted to disappear. But the U.S. Army veteran made a new start after coming to Madison and finding inspiration at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. more


They often don’t want to talk at length about their wartime experiences, but the artists in “WAR : RAW,” survivors of PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, are part of a program that helps veterans work through trauma by making art. more

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"American Sniper" is now considered the most successful war movie of all time, grossing more than $400 million and generating fiery debate. As Catherine Capellaro reports in the February 19 "Isthmus", there's a reason many veterans are embracing it. more



Narayan Mahon

Attempts to compare real war with Hollywood's version are "bullshit," says Henry Janisch. That's why the 35-year-old veteran doesn't want to dwell on comparisons between him and Chris Kyle. more

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College students with military ties face numerous challenges. But now student veterans at UW-Madison have a new ally in the Veteran Services and Military Assistance Center. more



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Every Friday, the group known as the Deadly Writers Patrol meets. Sometimes over sandwiches. Sometimes over pastries. Then they read their stories aloud. more


When Kenneth Payne saw a man doubled over at the day shelter, he knew right away he was a veteran. "One of the things we're taught to do, when we're stressed out real bad, is get in the squat position, tuck your head in and breathe," says Payne. more



AT EASE for Disabled Veterans

"We know plenty of veterans, Vietnam vets were all around during college," says Liz. She says they were often struggling with "demons," but couldn't talk about it. Volunteering with animals, she says, "is a great way to help deal with PTSD." more



Badger Honor Flight

"We all owe everything we have to that generation that was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice," says Steve Bartlett, volunteer public relations officer for Badger Honor Flight. "Time to say thank you is really running out." more