Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

For almost two decades there has been a cloud over the festivities: chronic wasting disease. And for the last eight years, the government has done nothing to keep it from spreading. Read more

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David Michael Miller

For Wisconsin’s 600,000 hunters, hunting deer has become increasingly worrisome because of chronic wasting disease. In May, Canadian researchers released a preliminary study showing that macaques can contract CWD from eating CWD-positive deer. Read more

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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

A federal appeals court has given gray wolves in the Great Lakes a reprieve. But the animals could still end up being delisted, either by the Environmental Protection Agency or Congress. Read more

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Todd Hubler

The way Wisconsin residents use the outdoors is changing. More people walk, hike and bird watch than hunt. This means fewer dollars to manage our public lands and wildlife. Read more

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Department of Natural Resources staffers are no longer allowed to take positions on proposed legislation. As a result, the state no longer has any agency advocating for Wisconsin’s precious lakes, rivers and forests. Read more

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In the past several years, gray wolves have gone on and off the list of animals protected by the Endangered Species Act. In Wisconsin, being removed automatically means the animals will be hunted. Will they survive? Read more

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The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources removed language pointing to human-caused climate change on its website. Scientists at UW-Madison debunk the revised language in a public statement. Read more


The Natural Resources Board approved construction of a snowmobile through Blue Mound State Park last January. But due to a lawsuit, the board will reconsider the policy at the end of this month. Read more



Wisconsin Department of Tourism

Most of the contaminated areas of the former Badger Ammo site are now clean. But proposed recreational uses of the land threaten to derail decades of local advocacy for safe and sustainable use of this vast tract of unique real estate. Read more

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New state regulations have taken the community aspects out of deer hunting. Read more

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Children criminally abused at Lincoln Hills School...veterans left in unnecessary pain at Wisconsin Veterans Home at King: Stories like this show a pattern of the state of Wisconsin forgetting its duty to citizens. Read more


Finding the positive in Secretary Cathy Stepp's new DNR. Read more

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When Scott Walker became governor, the DNR pretty much stopped efforts to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease in deer. But Walker recently responded to a new report warning of the spread of the disease and asked for more study and action. Read more

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​Wildlife officials often argue that the conservation of predators is best managed with legal hunting. The belief is that culling will reduce poaching. But a new study out from a UW-Madison researcher disproves that notion. Read more



Sean Virtue

​The Dane County District Attorney’s Office must prove a coyote hunter meant to treat an animal cruelly when he shot two pet dogs while hunting on public land. Legal issues aside, the case has raised safety concerns about the night hunting of animals Read more

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Coyote hunter Kurt Rausch made his initial appearance in Dane County court on felony charges for the fatal shooting of two dogs in a wildlife area. He is now out on bail. Read more

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Deanna Clark was walking her four dogs at a Dane County wildlife area on Jan. 22 when a coyote hunter shot two of them. The DNR declined to press charges, but the hunter is now facing felony charges from the Dane County District Attorney’s Office. Read more

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David Michael Miller

​Based on limited testing during the 2015 deer season, about 9.5% of the state’s deer herd is now infected. With some simple extrapolation, that means some 80,000 might have been exposed to CWD. Read more

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