Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation


David Michael Miller

Wisconsin was once a model of clean and open government. No more. But with a new governor, it’s time to recommit to democracy. Read more



Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

While Gov. Scott Walker bashes Madison for political points, his administration spends millions to attract millennials to the capital city. The irony is painfully apparent. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Political posturing over the impending closing of Oscar Mayer, whether by WEDC, WMC or the mayor, does nothing for the workers whose jobs are disappearing. Read more

Citizen Dave

When Republicans control all three branches of state government, there are no real checks and balances. Read more


Gov. Scott Walker announced Monday that he’s running for president. Nobody was surprised—he’s been playing this game for a while. Follow his moves on the board. Where will the game take him next? Read more

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Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation is an out-of-control disaster, and should be shut down. Read more

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