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David Michael Miller

WPR’s Derailed podcast shares a lot about what happened to the proposed high-speed rail link between Milwaukee and Madison. But there’s more to the story. Read more

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We have real needs in Wisconsin when it comes to education. So why are lawmakers wasting time on a bill to require the teaching of cursive? Read more

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Brad Pfaff was unanimously approved by the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Wisconsin farm groups. But Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald led a successful drive to reject Pfaff’s confirmation before the full Senate. Read more

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The right to access public documents is baked into Wisconsin law, but officials don’t always honor it. The Wisconsin Transparency Project aims to hold governments accountable and pry public records into the open. Read more



Carolyn Fath Ashby

It might seem like a miracle today, but 30 years ago Democrats and Republicans came together to protect the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. Will politics ever again work so well? Read more

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David Michael Miller

Is the GOP budget truly reflective of the input received, as Rep. John Nygren has claimed? He and his staff managed to make it prohibitively expensive to confirm. Read more

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The governor passed on a huge opportunity. Wisconsin’s chance to get fair legislative maps is now more than a decade away. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Republican lawmakers are spinning their evisceration of Gov. Evers’ budget, talking about their “historic investment” in schools. They’re deliberately obscuring the facts. Read more

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David Michael Miller

Under the proposed legislation, electric bikes would be afforded the same responsibilities and privileges as other bikes — meaning they would be allowed on paved bike paths, gravel state trails or off-road single track. Read more

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Erin Brown

Hundreds of requests for pardons have come in to Gov. Tony Evers’ office. The governor's spokesperson says he will reestablish the state’s Pardon Advisory Board, which Gov. Scott Walker disbanded. Read more


Wisconsin’s roads are a mess and the state badly needs to invest in public transit. But first it needs to find a way to raise tax revenue. A messy work-around concocted by Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee might just do the trick. Read more

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David Michael Miller

School districts need stable, predictable budgets. It should be written into state law that revenue limits are indexed to inflation. Read more

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To only allow only religion-based exemptions for required school vaccinations is antithetical to American values, if not outright unconstitutional. Read more

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David Michael Miller

From 2007 to 2017 the average debt of Wisconsin’s college graduates increased nearly 50 percent. And more than half — 64 percent — of Wisconsin’s students left with debt. Read more

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Medicaid expansion would make people healthier across all 72 of Wisconsin counties. In states that have accepted the expansion, more low-income adults had their cancer detected early. Read more


In the mid-’80s, the state’s Citizen Utility Board had 100,000 members; today it has only about 2,000. But as it turns 40 and has a new director, the group embarks on a campaign to reinvent itself. Read more


A bill racing through the state Legislature would greatly expand the availability of expungement for people convicted of minor offenses. Read more


Gov. Tony Evers’ pick for the Public Service Commission, Rebecca Cameron Valcq, is raising concerns over her deep ties to the utility industry. Read more

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Chronic drunk drivers, who are immune to rational deterrents, pose a unique danger to society. But there are still many ways to prevent them from driving. Read more

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David Michael Miller

For nearly a decade, the GOP-controlled Wisconsin Legislature micromanaged the state’s cities, particularly Madison and Milwaukee. It will have a harder time usurping local control with Gov. Tony Evers in office. Read more

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