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Lauren Justice

Justice Shirley Abrahamson discussed her life, career and challenges as a woman attorney with longtime friend, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb. more



David Michael Miller

In 2005 Leah Vukmir, Sheila Harsdorf and Robin Vos backed a law that prohibits the use of eminent domain to transfer a privately-owned property to a corporation. But now they are silent on Foxconn's land grab in Mount Pleasant. more

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David Michael Miller

Wisconsin’s voter ID law is a proven way to suppress turnout at the polls, especially among people of color and the poor. But dedicated volunteers are fighting back by registering people and making sure they have valid IDs. more

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Amy Stocklein photos

Today Tommy Thompson is just a guy on his family farm in Elroy, Wisconsin, the greatest place on earth. He oversees 1,500 acres, 100 head of cattle, and sprawling fields of soybeans, hay and corn. “This is where it started, right here,” he says. more

Isthmus Cover Stories

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Chelsey DeQuaine

With less than a week to go before the primary election, seven of the eight Democratic gubernatorial candidates met for a forum, hoping to convince undecided voters that they’re the best person to beat Gov. Scott Walker in November. more



Steven Davis

Steven Davis, a professor at Edgewood College, has a new book out. In Defense of Public Lands reminds readers what is at stake at a time when conservative politicians fail to see the benefits of land commonly owned for the public good. more



Eric Hamilton

Wisconsin Souvenir Milkcaps look like an official lottery, but state officials have spent years fighting its maker in court. The game has become an institution at bars around the state — even though the game’s legality depends on a dubious claim. more

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David Michael Miller

Rep. Melissa Sargent has proposed two gun control bills, including one that would give families and police a mechanism for removing guns from people they fear will harm themselves or others. That proposal even has some Republicans on board. more



David Michael Miller

The Republican Assembly speaker’s travel scandals are only the latest in a long line of abominations. Robin Vos is unfit to be a government leader. more



Wisconsin Digital Collections

Founded in 1901, the Legislative Reference Bureau has become a national model for actively disseminating information about government. But former employees say the library is now neglecting its duty to archive state documents. more


Documents obtained through an open records request from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection show that Gov. Scott Walker’s office recommended a young, inexperienced lawyer for a top state post. more



David Michael Miller

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett has already lost twice to Scott Walker… but now he’s making noise about getting into the crowded field of gubernatorial challengers. more

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David Michael Miller

King George III tried to exact taxes from subjects in the colonies, who did not have representation in Parliament. Gov. Walker tried the same thing in his own state, refusing to call two special elections for some 175,000 Wisconsin residents. more



Dylan Brogan

Madison elects first Latina to the board while Adamczyk's bid to shut down his own office fails. more


Judge Rebecca Dallet’s election will alter the state Supreme Court’s ideological balance, leaving conservatives with just a 4-3 edge instead of a 5-2 domination. more

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David Michael Miller

Gov. Scott Walker has refused to hold a special election in two districts despite a judge’s court order. Instead, he and his GOP cronies promise to rewrite the law. They will do anything to preserve power. more

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Conservative Judge Michael Screnock has benefited from the state’s new campaign spending limits in his Supreme Court bid, raking in $260,000 more than he would have under the old rules. Opponent Judge Rebecca Dallet has seen a negligible bump. more


The duties of the state treasurer have been systematically eliminated for years. But the treasurer plays an important role in preserving school libraries and public lands. more



David Michael Miller

It’s only childish political grievances between the state’s top three Republican leaders that will prolong the misery at Lincoln Hills. more

Citizen Dave

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Sean Kennedy

A month after the deadly shooting that killed 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, thousands of Madison-area students rally to demand gun control and measures to improve school safety. more