Dan Kaufman looks at what happened to his home state of Wisconsin. The subtitle, "The Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics," tells it all. Read more

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Wisconsin lawmakers have stripped away power from the State Treasurer for decades. In April, voters will decide whether to get rid of the office altogether. Read more


Between 2005 and 2016, $5.14 billion worth of electric transmission line projects were built or approved in Wisconsin. Opponents say the lines are not needed, are too expensive, and there’s a better way. Read more

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Justin Sprecher

International Women's Day rally at the Capitol Mar. 8, 2017. Read more

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Chris Winterhack

2017 MACN Chef Week Kick Off Party at L'Etoile and Graze Read more

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Justin Sprecher

Clyde Stubblefield Tribute at High Noon Saloon on February 27, 2017. Read more

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Chris Winterhack

International Festival at Overture Center on February 25, 2017. Read more

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Justin Sprecher

Distill America at the Edgewater Hotel on February 18, 2017. Read more

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David Michael Miller

A Donald Trump ally has gotten a lot of press claiming that the GOP rigged as many as five elections in Wisconsin. But an examination of the analysis finds there’s no smoking gun. Read more

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We declared in a June 9 cover story that Wisconsin deserves a better flag. We offered some alternate designs and then opened it up to readers. Here are their suggestions. Read more

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Wisconsin’s current flag may be busy, but it represents what made Wisconsin a great state — the farmers and workers whose hard work and struggles have become the very character of Wisconsin. Read more

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A flag’s power rests on its design and the Wisconsin flag is undeniably lackluster. Isthmus suggest a few possibilities in honor of Flag Day. Read more

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David Michael Miller

We’re part of the Great Lakes region, not the Rust Belt, complains @DaveCieslewicz Description: What’s in a name? A lot, Citizen Dave argues, and that’s why people should stop using the term “Rust Belt.” Read more

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As Wisconsin craft beer stays hot nationally, Leinie’s is now an enviable export. But it’s also brewing a new red pale ale for in-staters only. Read more


What if we stopped seeking approval from the coasties and got comfortable with who and what we are? Remember, we have two things everybody wants: water and security. Read more

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For the first time since 2010, we did not see albums dropped by any of the three national darlings from Wisconsin: PHOX, Field Report or Justin Vernon. That left the field wide open for debuts by newcomers and some excellent sophomore successes. Read more

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Kandis Elliot spent 20 years doing botanical illustrations for the UW. Now she’s finished up a masterwork: a 13-foot poster depicting every single species of Wisconsin fish. Read more

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​Author Kathleen Ernst spent a decade as a curator at Old World Wisconsin. Her new book, “A Settler’s Year: Pioneer Life Through the Seasons,” is filled with vivid descriptions and evocative photos from the outdoor history museum. Read more


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